Beach Girls

Lifetime (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Episode 6
    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      Which summer romance will make it to the fall? Nature provides an unexpected twist in Aunt Aida’s battle to stop the highway expansion. Meanwhile, Nell leaves Jeremy and her “Beach Girls” behind for L.A., Stevie confronts Jack about the real reason he is running away. As Jack and Nell view Hubbard’s Point as a distant memory, a surprise visit changes their lives.moreless
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      Jack uncovers more shocking details bout the wife he thought he knew. Maddie finally tells Jack what really happened the day of the accident that killed Emma, revealing the truth about his wife’s secrets. Meanwhile, Cooper pleads with Skye to give him another chance. Determined to cut all ties to his painful past, Jack shocks Nell with news that he’s accepted a job in L.A.moreless
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      Sparks fly at the annual fireworks show when the romantic tension between Stevie and Jack, both of whom are with their own dates, is palpable. Skye learns that her night with Cooper may have come at a high price. Marty pressures Clare to help him beat statutory rape charges. Jack finds mysterious flowers at Emma’s grave and wonders who her secret admirer may be. Against his better judgment, Jack calls Stevie for help. And Stevie continues to deny her Aunt Aida’s claims that she has feelings for Jack. Later, Jack receives a shocking phone call about Nell.moreless
    • Episode Two
      Episode Two
      Episode 2
      Emotional fallout from the Founder’s Day party finds tensions high between Jack and Nell, who confesses she lied to get Maddie to come to Hubbard’s Point. Meanwhile, Stevie decides to create some distance from Jack. When Clare’s mother learns of her daughter’s affair with Marty, the local cop, she threatens him with statutory rape charges. Upset over her father’s arrest, Skye is driven into the arms of unscrupulous heartthrob Cooper. Jack makes a friendly overture towards Stevie, but it may be too late. And Jack’s investigation into his late wife’s secret bank account producers more questions than answers.moreless
    • Episode One
      Episode One
      Episode 1
      Nell Kilvert arrives in the beach town of Hubbard’s Point to try and locate her recently deceased mother’s childhood friends.