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Beakman's World

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Beakman’s World was an educational children’s television show starring the eccentric scientist Professor Beakman (Paul Zaloom). Aided by a female assistant (Josie (Alanna Ubach, 1993-94); Liza (Eliza Schneider, 1994-95); Phoebe (Senta Moses, 1995-96)) and Lester the Rat (Mark Ritts), Beakman performed comical experiments and demonstrations to illustrate various scientific concepts, from density to electricity. At the beginning and end of the show, as well as before or after commercial breaks, the show featured short scenes portraying puppet penguins, Don (Bert Berdis) and Herb (Alan Barzman), at the North Pole watching Beakman’s World on television. Beakman’s World was a production of Columbia Tri-Star Television Distribution, Columbia Pictures Television. It premiered in September of 1992, on The Learning Channel (TLC) cable network and in national syndication (225 stations). On September 18, 1993 it moved from national syndication to CBS’ Saturday morning children’s lineup. The program was based upon the comic strip “You Can with Beakman and Jax,” created by Jok Church. The program was also nominated for numerous Daytime Emmy awards, and won three in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Live and Tape Sound Mixing and Sound Effects.moreless
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  • Top Shows - Quirky, educational humor of the 90s

    They aired this on Fox sat mornings/afternoons and I quite enjoyed the humor and learning science. Lester and Beakman stand out for sure.

    Many ep (07-09) Fox
  • Good TV

    This show was fantastic. Remember when kids could turn on the TV and actual see something educational or another that tot kids to be, motivated, confidant and free thinking.This was the typical theme of the 90's.

    Once their was all kinds of educational show all over the TV Discovery, TLC, Science Channel, History Channel and National Geographic.

    Not today, all the show today wants kids and teenager to be childish, immature, and afraid to do anything, like stand up for themselves or actually try doing something on their own. This is why the 80s and 90s really was the best time to be a kid or teen.moreless
  • What a great way to get kids interested in science! Explosions, slime, dirt, what fun!

    This show was a lot of fun, as well as informative, exciting and dynamic! The interplay between Beakman and his sidekicks made the show funny, while teaching science to kids in a manner that they would enjoy. I particularly liked watching Beakman and Lester (the rat). Poor Lester was invariably wrong about just about everything and Beakman's instruction usually ended up with Lester embarrassed or covered in slime, gunk, or scratching his head in confusion. While not the first show to teach science to kids, this one was, in my opinion, by far and away the best one I've watched. Definitely worth seeing again.moreless
  • For someone who grew up watching "Mr. Wizard" on PBS and got converted to the idea of a career in science, this show has all the appeal of watching chimpanzees throw (expletive deleted.)moreless

    I despise this show. Compared to the classic teaching methods of Mr. Wizard, this show is little more than watching three brain-missing people on speed, teaching multiple concepts that have absolutely no connection with each other. While the frenetic pace of this show and the multiple appeals to bodily functions may make this program a hit with three-year-olds, it never had the power to pick a young viewer up and transport them into a world for weekly explorations of basic principles of science and make them feel that not only was learning was fun, but a lifetime of this stuff was also a good idea.

    This program graphically shows the devastating impact of the years of Ronald Reagan and his train of Jesus Jumpers on basic scientific education. Turn off the TV and go read Isaac Asimov.moreless
  • Ecucation made fun for kids and annoying to grown ups.

    There is not a whole lot i can remember about this show, let see: It aired on a channel from Peru that we had in our cable and always had this very funny, sort of cla animation in the north poloe doing something funny. After that, Beakman would answer questions from the people or something like that. Although the science experiments and the answers were the sould and essence of this show, what i really enjoyed was the interaction between the different characters, it was always very energetic and fun to watch. A very good show specially for kids.moreless

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