Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 9

Boomerangs, Beakmania and Circus Science

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 2006 on
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Boomerangs, Beakmania and Circus Science
Beakman discovers boomerangs, visits the soil, finds bacteria and the dung beetle then examines the mysteries of the circus.
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      • Beakman (w/ outrageously corny Australian accent): G'day mates! Time to tie me kangaroo down, sport, blow on the ol' didgeridoo, and have a romp with the billy leaps!

      • Beakman: Natural gas has no smell at all, but it is flammable and odor is added to tell when it leaks.
        Phoebe: (sniffing) I seem to be detecting one now.
        Phoebe and Beakman together: Lester!
        Lester: I'm experimenting with a new fragrance; I calling this one, morning latrine.

      • Phoebe: Lester, it's not surprising to see you here on Those Disgusting Animals.
        Lester: Thank you, it's disgusting to be here.

      • Lester: So, when a beetle says this tastes like dung, it's a compliment?

      • Lester: So,tell me, Beak-Man of a Thousand Faces, does the science rap get you a lot of dates?
        Beakman: Oh, well, you know, I've been busy answering all these letters, doing my research and then there's my volunteertime at the old scientists home.

      • Beakman: (as a circus ringmaster) Ladies and gentlemen, and Lesters of all ages! What's the next query under the big top that I can answer under my big top?
        Phoebe: This one comes from Woody White of Los Angeles, California.
        Beakman: Wow! Woody White? What did Woody White wite?
        Phoebe: Wait! I'll wead what Woody White wote!
        Lester: Well, what a whoil-wind of Woody White witticisms!

      • Phoebe: Get on the good foot! Chick-a-bow! It's time to confound your consciousness! Here he is... The picador of the piquant... The toreador of the tangential... The Gordon Jump of this or any dump... The one, the only, the Beakman!
        Beakman: You squeeze them, I'll seize them... let's tush-push!

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