Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 12

Bread, Beakmania & Measurement

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1994 on



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    • Beakman: Phoebe, I'm starving for a question. Feed me.
      Phoebe: Frying and serving....

    • Lester: I am home to many and considered a fun-guy to fun-gi!

    • Phoebe: What happened?
      Beakman: I have a question, too. What happened?

    • Beakman: My batteries are running down with curiosity, charge them with a question, Phoebe!
      Phoebe: Charging!

    • Beakman: Now, Phoebe's adorable little tootsie here is a dainty eight inches, and Lester's magnum-sized gunboat here is at least three times as long.
      Lester: My mom says I'll grow into them.

    • Beakman: King Edward II proclaimed that every inch shall be three barley seeds placed end to end.
      Phoebe: Why barley seeds? He could've picked three acorns. He could've picked six gum drops!
      Lester: He could've picked his nose!
      Beakman: Yeah, then we would've had the expression, "Give 'em a booger and they'll take a mile!"
      Lester: You may think that's funny, but it's snot.

    • Phoebe: (affected voice) Power to the Pod People! (normal voice) It's time to itemize your ideas! Here he is.... The podiatrist of the poetic! The veterinarian of the venerable! The Wendie Jo Sperber of the feather and fur, sir! The one , the only, the Beakman!
      Beakman: You crash them, I'll trash them. Let's bus-stop!
      Voice: (driving by sarcasticly) Nice hair!

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