Beakman's World

Season 1 Episode 10

Levers, Beakmania, & Television

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1992 on



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    • Lester: Yo, mail call, Beakman... Time for that brain of yours to roll up your sleeves....

    • Beakman: You know, I love levers. I'm a lever lover. Levers are my life.
      Lester: I can't say much about that life of yours.

    • Beakman: Memo to me: move rock collection from attic to the basement.

    • Beakman: What would happen if the two of you were to push down in this area?
      Lester: We'd get a hernia.

    • Beakman: Close but no fromage.
      Voice: That's cheese in French!

    • Lester: Beakman, you can call that "leverage" for your "beverage."

    • Lester: Then I got the best of both worlds, don't I? I'm a rat and a person.
      Josie: And you can bite yourself.
      Lester: Well, I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me.

    • Beakman: There's that word "impossible" again. You know, Lester, the word, "impossible" is the enemy of "you can do it if you really try and have a positive attitude about it."

    • Lester: It's impossible.
      Beakman: On, come on, Lester, be a little positive...
      Lester: Okay... (fussing and stirring around the objects before him) Okay, I'm positive it's impossible.

    • Josie: We'll be right back to look at television. Oh, wait a minute, you're already looking at television!

    • Farnsworth: I never predicted a program would stoop to having a grown man parading around in a rat suit.
      Lester: You and me both....

    • Farnsworth: Interesting gizmo... (looking at the bogus-scope)
      Lester: It's a little something I invented.
      Farnsworth: Based on one of my patents.I hope you got a good attorney.
      Lester: Did I say me? I meant Beakman. Beakman invented it.

    • Josie: Get ready to Stimulate your Synapses! Here he is... The Squire of Solutions, the Mad Hatter of Grey Matter, the Sonny and Cher of the who, what and where... the one, the only, the Beakman!
      Beakman: You hurl them, I'll twirl them, let's play them!

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    • The Three Stooges

      The Three Stooges seen this episode, named Larry, Curly and Moe, were very famous comic slapstick comedians with a long history in vaudeville in 1925 to a brief movie career ending in 1959. They began with Shemp who departed to be replaced by his and Moe's brother, Curly, and later returned after Curly had a stroke. Shemp later departed and was replaced by Joe Besser, but when Joe parted out, Joe DeRita, joined the gang for their motion picture careers. When Larry decided to bow-out, he was almost replaced by Emil Sitka, one of the Stooges favorite co-stars, but by now, Moe was unable to continue and they officially broke-up the act.