Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 15

Magic, Beak-mania And Cosmetic Chemistry

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1995 on
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Magic, Beak-mania And Cosmetic Chemistry
Beakman explores magic, and Phoebe reveals naked mole-rats. Cleopatra visits to talk about cosmetics.
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      • Beakman: I've got a diaper loaded with question, change and tuft me with a question.
        Phoebe: Powdering!

      • Beakman: If you lay down on the magic table, I will make you float in the air.
        Phoebe: Oh, but, Great Beakdini, what if I don't want to float in the air?
        Lester: (annoyed) Listen, honey, life is funny. We don't always get what we want.

      • Phoebe: (Lester faints) Help! Help! Does anyone know CPR!
        Lester: I don't think so. I do know FDR, JFK and REO Speedwagon.

      • Phoebe: Naked mole rats are one of natures most perfect eating machines. In laboratories, the naked mole rat has even eaten through concrete.
        Lester: I've heard of getting plastered, but that's ridiculous!

      • Beakman: My brain has an in-grown curiosity. Tweeze me a question, Phoebe!
        Phoebe: Plucking!

      • Lester: On boy, the scientific mysteries of eye-liner revealed at last! We really are scraping the bottom of the Beak-Barrel now!

      • Cleopatra: Excuse me for barging in, but I overheard you talking about cosmetics. (notices Lester) Boy, could you use some.
        Lester: You're making me blush!

      • Beakman: (to Cleopatra) Pardon me, my dairy queen, but what is your beauty secret?
        Lester:(interupting) Infrequent baths and plenty of them.

      • Lester: Don't be ridiculous. Everyone knows it's impossible to mix oil and water!
        Phoebe: Lester, to Beakman, "impossible" is a four-letter word!

      • Phoebe: Can I get a witness?
        Off-screen voice: Amen!
        Phoebe: Thank You! It's time... To bring on the brain power! Here he is... The mercenary of the mercurial, the legionnaire of leisure, the Demond Wilson of the half-nelson! El unico, el solomente, el Beakman!
        Beakman: You frisk them, I'll whisk them. Let's softshoe.

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