Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 2

Migration, Beakmania & Living Space

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1994 on



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    • Beakman: The people of China were flying kites more than 2300 years ago.
      Lester: I must be Chinese; people tell me to go fly a kite everyday!

    • Beakman: I'm sad to report that earthworms are blind.
      Lester: On the bright side, however, they don't have to look at other earthworms.

    • Lester: Oh, it's not enough I get humiliated week after week. Now, I'm expected to be a mind reader?

    • Beakman: You don't want to know how I did it?
      Lester: Are there burritoes involved?

    • Beakman: I'm all keyed up for a question. Phoebe, unlock a letter for me.
      Phoebe: Unlocking!

    • (Beakman seems to catch Lester urinating in plants)
      Beakman: Can't you do that somewhere else?
      (Lester turns round to reveal he has a water hose)
      Lester: I'm sorry, Beakman. The hibiscus were looking a bit low biscus.

    • Phoebe: If there's no gravity in space, how do they remain seated on the toilet?
      Lester: My guess is wacky glue and plenty of it.

    • Lester: And speaking of fixing things, I just fixed a sandwich. It doesn't have to be in space, it just has to be in my face.

    • Don: Do you know where we could go if we could fly?
      Herb: Where?
      Don: I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

    • Phoebe: Woo, woo, woo! Set phasers on stun! It's time to input your intellect! Here he is, the shamus of shenanigans, the gumshoe of gumption, the Hines, Hines, and Dad of all that's rad, rad, rad! The one, the only, the Beakman!
      Beakman: You rock 'em, I'll sock 'em, let's booty slap!

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