Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 16

Pigs, Beakmania and Sound Frequency

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1995 on

Episode Recap

Don wonders about penguins on other planets coming to Earth to steal the ice from the South Pole. Beakman reveals that alligators swallow stones to help them sink.
Lester opens the show wearing a fruit hat, playing maracas and reading his Carmen Miranda rights. Phoebe has a letter from Ron Harper of Fall Brook, California asking about the differences in pigs and hogs. Beakman reveals there are no differences because no matter what they are called, they're all the same thing. Lester produces a piglet as Beakman reveals that most meat eaten by people comes from pigs in the form of pork chops, bacon and pork rinds. After Lester reveals his piglet is a puppet, Beakman reveals that pigs are smarter than dogs, cats and horses. They're only six million years old as a species, having been domesticated eight thousand years ago. They've been used to retrieve game, round up cattle and even beasts of burden. There are even wild and ferocious pigs still living in Africa. Beakman reveals a prize hog named Dame Frances Bacon at over 450 pounds. He reveals that pigs love corn and are mostly raised on farms that raise corn. Most hogs are sold young while others are used in mating. He reveals pigs don't have sweat glands; they roll in mud to keep cool. They have poor eyesight, but a great sense of smell, capable of using their snouts to dig up food.
In Beakmania, Beakman gets a question from Tiffany Stafford of Hillard, Kentucky on why people blink. He reveals blinking is a way to clean the eyes since tears are antiseptic and kill germs. He also reveals that scientists study woodpeckers to make better helmets since they pound their heads so often without getting hurt. Woodpeckers have spaces of air in their heads to protect against concussion. Phoebe reveals they ought to study Lester since he has nothing but air in his head. Lester then interrupts Phoebe in a scab question for the Itchy Challenge. Beakman is annoyed that Itchy is just Lester's hand puppet to which he talks. Itchy shows Lester how to make a lariat with a swivel hook and tape even though Lester doesn't know how to do so. Beakman finally loses his patience when Lester's split personality goes to far, but when Lester heads off, Itchy is still talking over his shoulder.
Phoebe brings Beakman a letter from Zachary Martin of Dulatto, California asking how harmonicas work. Lester reveals his love for blues music by calling it a blues harp and playing soul music. Beakman reveals that sound is just vibrations in the air and shows it with a tuning fork throwing the water out of a pan with sound waves. He shows that sound has amplitude or how loud you can hear it, length or how far it carries and frequency or the number of waves it has. He reveals the different sized reeds in a harmonica produce different vibrations as in the chords on a guitar. Lester wants to play some blues and everyone gets into a song about sound.
Ben Hevers of Windham, Minnesota asks why people can't turn their heads around like owls. Beakman revels that owls cannot turn their eyes from side to side so they developed a way to turn their heads to look for predators. Don wants to visit Beakman, Phoebe and Lester, but Herb reminds him that they live too far away, no paper to write or hands to wave. Don just has to wait for the show to come on again.
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