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  • Top Shows - Quirky, educational humor of the 90s

    They aired this on Fox sat mornings/afternoons and I quite enjoyed the humor and learning science. Lester and Beakman stand out for sure.

    Many ep (07-09) Fox
  • Good TV

    This show was fantastic. Remember when kids could turn on the TV and actual see something educational or another that tot kids to be, motivated, confidant and free thinking.This was the typical theme of the 90's.

    Once their was all kinds of educational show all over the TV Discovery, TLC, Science Channel, History Channel and National Geographic.

    Not today, all the show today wants kids and teenager to be childish, immature, and afraid to do anything, like stand up for themselves or actually try doing something on their own. This is why the 80s and 90s really was the best time to be a kid or teen.
  • What a great way to get kids interested in science! Explosions, slime, dirt, what fun!

    This show was a lot of fun, as well as informative, exciting and dynamic! The interplay between Beakman and his sidekicks made the show funny, while teaching science to kids in a manner that they would enjoy. I particularly liked watching Beakman and Lester (the rat). Poor Lester was invariably wrong about just about everything and Beakman's instruction usually ended up with Lester embarrassed or covered in slime, gunk, or scratching his head in confusion. While not the first show to teach science to kids, this one was, in my opinion, by far and away the best one I've watched. Definitely worth seeing again.
  • For someone who grew up watching "Mr. Wizard" on PBS and got converted to the idea of a career in science, this show has all the appeal of watching chimpanzees throw (expletive deleted.)

    I despise this show. Compared to the classic teaching methods of Mr. Wizard, this show is little more than watching three brain-missing people on speed, teaching multiple concepts that have absolutely no connection with each other. While the frenetic pace of this show and the multiple appeals to bodily functions may make this program a hit with three-year-olds, it never had the power to pick a young viewer up and transport them into a world for weekly explorations of basic principles of science and make them feel that not only was learning was fun, but a lifetime of this stuff was also a good idea.

    This program graphically shows the devastating impact of the years of Ronald Reagan and his train of Jesus Jumpers on basic scientific education. Turn off the TV and go read Isaac Asimov.
  • Ecucation made fun for kids and annoying to grown ups.

    There is not a whole lot i can remember about this show, let see: It aired on a channel from Peru that we had in our cable and always had this very funny, sort of cla animation in the north poloe doing something funny. After that, Beakman would answer questions from the people or something like that. Although the science experiments and the answers were the sould and essence of this show, what i really enjoyed was the interaction between the different characters, it was always very energetic and fun to watch. A very good show specially for kids.
  • One for the collection! Makes science fun and interesting!

    I used to record every episode every Sunday, knowing that I wanted my kids to watch Beakman. This show was fun, exciting, and interesting all at the same time! Much to my horror, I discovered that all but one tape had been re-used for some HBO movie or some other more important soap opera...

    From the lab experiments that you could do at home (with adult supervision of course!) to Lester. This show stands the test of time. I for one am really happy that FOX has decided to re-air the show, and now I can capture it all on TiVo.

    Get ready you Beak-maniacs! You have just crossed into BEAKMAN\'S World!
  • Science Finally Made Interesting

    I loved this show for so many reasons. It made science interesting to me for the first time; it was fast, funny and furious and it had one of the cutest ingenues as an assistant. Alanna Ubach made this show for me with her funny one-liners and quips; when she got replaced, it almost killed me, but at least Beakman and Lester, the down-on-his-luck-actor-in-a rat-suit, got me through it. Where the static and sterile "Bill Nye"-guy may have bored me silly, Beakman and Lester kept my attention with humor and scientific sight gags. Their show had so many good things going for it; I just wish this show had been around in my youth, I could have been a better student than I originally was in school.
  • I loved this show. What happend to it? I used to watch it with my dad, brother,and sister.We would do the experiments after the show. Wish they would put the reruns on or something......

    I loved this show. What happend to it? I used to watch it with my dad, brother,and sister.We would do the experiments after the show.That was fun. I loved watching it the rat always made use say something mostly ewwww. Did he realy just eat that..It was great I. Wish they would put the reruns on or something...... This show helped alot with questions and school..... Bring it back ......
  • Scientific Show that answered viewers questions with a flurry of animation and displays. Very colorful and eye catching.

    This was along the lines of Mister Wizard but with brilliant animations and displays that caught the eye of the children of its generation. It would answer questions from kids all over the country. The characters were imaginative and funny. The host was well informed and each show was interesting. It should be brought back.
  • A great down to earth science show for all ages.

    A great show for all ages. This show taught me many things that I used in my Physics class. I loved this show. More down to earth than Bill Nye the Science Guy, but still effective in teaching kids how things worked. I watched this show everyday, and learned new things. It never got old, even on the reruns. Too bad it had to go. Not only did it inform me, but it had hints of comedy. Overall, a great show!
  • Missing!

    When I was growing up this show was came on before my birth yo tell yah the truth!All I can remember of this show is some dude dressed up as a rat.I think I liked this show.I don't remeber.I am planing to buy the BEST OF B.W. DVD.But I dont know much about it.I never remebered the name of this show til today.When I saw the DVD at walmart.It's like another part of my life....missing......disappearing before my very eye's.I think I liked it......cause if I did'nt I would'nt continue to remeber it and find out more about it.I sometimes wonder......what other shows I watched when between the time I was born and and 5.I remneber EVERYTHING in my life that happend from being 5 to now.It is yet another puzzeling Puzzle of my life.I'm glad I can finally remeber part of my baby-toddler days.I really think I need to get re-aquainted with this series tolearn more about my first years.
  • One of the greatest shows in the 90s

    Great Show, please bring it back!

    WOW, what a really kool show. I use to stop what ever I was doing to watch this show. I found it really fun, informative, and love the charactors. The way science was explained made you want more and more. That show needs to come back!
  • I remembered this show, and thought it used to be a cool show on CBS. Well it was, It was one of my favorite 90's show's. I remember Beakman, Josie and Lester the Rat doing cool scientific experiments. This show actually sparked my interest in science, it

    Beakman looked so silly, and I remember Josie and Lester the Rat helping him in those experiments. I loved this show, the experiments were awesome and Beakman was a pretty cool guy. I mean Beakman was such a weird character that the experiments he did were great. I loved how he was able to demonstrate why a Compass moves North and how sound travels. Honestly I wasn't as much into it as my brother. He loved Beakman's world and he got really good at science, and I well also got interested in science by this show and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I can't decide who is better, but I liked them both. This is the type of show that should be on T.V. Man the 90's was the golden age for cartoons on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. This show was awesome!
  • Quite possibly the best science show ever on television.

    I started watching Beakman’s World when I was in kindergarten, and it provided me with knowledge of scientific topics long before I formally encountered them in school. It was a perfect blend of science, humor, and sheer entertainment that made it accessible and beneficial to all who watched it. Certainly, it was invaluable to my early childhood development and left a much greater impression on me than certain other shows featuring Bill Nye. Truly, Beakman’s World was a great show, and I heartily wish that a DVD collection will be made containing all of the episodes. Until then, however, I am lucky enough to have many on them on tape.
  • This show actullay got me into science and engineering, thanks to it, now I'm studying what I'm studying, I'm the "black sheep" of the family, I'm a scientist between accountants.

    This show actullay got me into science and engineering, thanks to it, now I'm studying what I'm studying, I'm the "black sheep" of the family, I'm a scientist between accountants. I loved the first sidekick girl, she was funnier, I never got why she was substituted. Also I loved the penguins at the end of the show. I really enjoyed the show and the experiments. That was good TV, most of my school friends watched it, at least we got smart, then children started watching the Teletubbies and Barney and fried their brains. You learned songs at school, come on!!!You didn't have to go home to sing along those stupid songs with the queer purple dinosaur. I preferred to get home and learn stuff that are actually useful and interesting, not so light-headed, indeed there was and old guy in a weird animal costume who was really
  • Part of my childhood, Missing!!!

    I cant belive that no one has thught of bringing back... actully yes. I used to just live on this show, it made Bill Nye look insane..or better sane. Just , in of the best kid sicenice shows of its time, thay need to make a DVD or something to remember this show by.