Beakman's World

(ended 1998)


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  • For someone who grew up watching "Mr. Wizard" on PBS and got converted to the idea of a career in science, this show has all the appeal of watching chimpanzees throw (expletive deleted.)

    I despise this show. Compared to the classic teaching methods of Mr. Wizard, this show is little more than watching three brain-missing people on speed, teaching multiple concepts that have absolutely no connection with each other. While the frenetic pace of this show and the multiple appeals to bodily functions may make this program a hit with three-year-olds, it never had the power to pick a young viewer up and transport them into a world for weekly explorations of basic principles of science and make them feel that not only was learning was fun, but a lifetime of this stuff was also a good idea.

    This program graphically shows the devastating impact of the years of Ronald Reagan and his train of Jesus Jumpers on basic scientific education. Turn off the TV and go read Isaac Asimov.