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Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 11

Skin, Beak-mania and Oxygen

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1994 on
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Episode Summary

Skin, Beak-mania and Oxygen
Beakman reveals the facts on skin, its functions and its reproduction, tells the truth about the "funny bone," and then explains why oxygen is so important.
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      • Beakman: I need a question; make it a freebie, Phoebe!

      • Beakman: If the average adult man's skin were stretched out, it would cover about twenty square feet.
        Lester: But it would not be as popular as linoleum.

      • Lester: My motto: never let them see you sweat.
        Phoebe: I wish his motto was never let them smell you sweat.
        Beakman: Tell me about it!

      • Nurse Phoebe: So remember, a frozen flagpole doesn't have any taste at all, so keep that tongue of yours off it!

      • (Nurse Phoebe uses vinegar on Lester's sunburn)
        Lester: Vinegar? What am I? A tossed salad?

      • Nurse Phoebe: The best way to treat a sunburn is to not get one in the first place. If you go out in the sun, use plenty of sunscreen.
        Lester: But I put on sunscreen.
        Nurse Phoebe: But did you sweat a lot?
        Lester: Have you ever played t-ball in a rat-suit?
        Nurse Phoebe: Yes, but I'm not proud of it.

      • Beakman: My brain's call waiting is beeping. Check in with a question, Phoebe!
        Phoebe: Here's one you won't want to put on hold.

      • Joseph Priestley: It's so good to come up for air. (hears sound) What's that?
        Phoebe: That's Lester.

      • Phoebe: (affected voice) You know the drill. (normal voice) It's time to rupture your rapture. Here's he is... The ornithologist of the ornate, the archaeologist of the arcane, the Jan Smithers of the yon and hithers... The one, the only, the Beakman!
        Beakman: You wash them, I'll swash them! Let's kangeroo dip!

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