Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 19

Sound Barrier, Beak-mania and Healthy Living

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1995 on
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Sound Barrier, Beak-mania and Healthy Living
Beakman reveals what happens when planes go beyond the speed of sound and the benefits to living healthy.
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      • Beakman: I'm cat-like with curosity. Phoebe, I have a fe-line you have a question!
        Phoebe: Here's one that ought to give you "paws."

      • Beakman: Good question, Seth, but first we better reveal what the sound barrier is and how do you break it?
        Lester: And if you break it, who's going to pay to see it fixed?

      • Beakman: Well, here we are at the Fourth of July!
        Lester: And thank you for the guy-in-a-rat-suit bucket of bird!

      • Lester: Beakman, before we begin the humiliate-the-rat portion of our show, I just want you to know my mother is watching.
        Beakman: Oh... Hi, Lester's mom, how's the food in prison?

      • Lester: You didn't tell me I could use talcum powder! That's a whole other can of beans! (passes gas) And that was beans with bacon.
        Beakman: Lester, I'm sure your mother has never been prouder.

      • Phoebe: Aren't you forgetting the gravy?
        Lester: Never. (dunking corn cob in gravy and sucking it off)

      • Beakman: I'm aching for info! Soothe me with a question, Phoebe!
        Phoebe: Soothing and relieving!

      • Doctor: Fuel? What am I? A car?
        Meekman: If you were, you could use a little body work.
        Doctor: And you could use a muffler!

      • Doctor: And don't forget, regular check-ups with your doctor or dentist are very important!
        Meekman: They ought to be at a hundred bucks a pop!

      • Phoebe: When a plane breaks the sound barrier, why does it make a noise?
        Lester: My answer: beans and plenty of them! You see, if you're gonna fly that fast, you need a big engine and lots of gas!
        Phoebe: Lester should know. He rattles our windows all the time!
        Lester: Mach two!

      • Phoebe: Let's get ready to rock! Oh! It's time to sprain-ium your cranium
        Here he is... The surfer of sure-fire, the boogieboarder of the borderline, the Irlene Mandrell of the taste and smell...
        The One, the Only, the Beakman!
        Beakman: You whump them, I'm stump them, let's Harlem Shuffle!

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