Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 19

Sound Barrier, Beak-mania and Healthy Living

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1995 on

Episode Recap

Don gets a toupee to honor Beakman, but Herb thinks he looks weird. Beakman reveals that human hair woven into a rope can lift 5000 pounds (two and a half tons).
Lester is caught using the vacuum cleaner to clean himself. Phoebe has a letter from Seth Giles of Greenfield, New Hampshire asking about sonic booms. Lester has the misconception it is a physical object that get broken, but Beakman reveals it's an idea, but first off, he has to explain the speed of sound and celebrates the Fourth of July. He reveals that sound travels at 761 miles per hour, slower than light which is why we see fireworks explode before we hear the explosion. He reveals that the sonic boom results when the plane moves faster than the sound of its engines. Passengers on the plane don't hear the boom because they are traveling at the same rate of the plane, but the sound travels with them even when they land.
In Beakmania, Linda Lane of Cirrawac, Malaysia asks Lester what animal has the longest tail. He goes on about his mother can tell a tale about how much of an disappointment he's been, but Beakman reminds him about the longest tail, and the animal is the blue whale with a thirty-three foot long tail. He also reveals the Earth spins at 1000 miles per hour, but before he can get to a question about eye jam and toe jam, he offers up the Beakman Challenge: Lester must remove a penny from underwater without getting his hand wet. He does it, but he cheats by drying his hand behind his back. Beakman shows the right way by using talcum powder which is hydrophobic; water can't stick to it so he can lift the penny without getting wet.
Phoebe now has a question asked by Meredith Henry of Little Rock, Arkansas, Stephanie Swan of Crystal Lake, Illinois and Natalie Ringley of Colorado springs, Colorado asking about staying healthy. Beakman runs a film of his brother Meekman going to the doctor. It features the five building blocks of a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables and grains, plenty of exercise to strength the body, plenty of sleep and relaxation, cleanliness to control growth of bacteria and regular check-ups. When Meekman gets his doctor's bill, he gets sick again. Beakman, however, also offers good mental health because it can affect your body. Lester meanwhile uses mental floss.
In closing, Beakman reveals trees are accidentally planted everyday by squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts. Lester thinks they should keep elephants to help them remember, but then it dawns on him the squirrels would forget where they left their elephants. Don is meanwhile inspired by Beakman to exercise, but he figures out he needs a year to warm up.