Beakman's World

Season 4 Episode 17

Sunken Treasure, Beakmania and Archimedian Screw

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1995 on
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Sunken Treasure, Beakmania and Archimedian Screw
Beakman shows the modern science of retrieving sunken treasure, proves a screw is a machine and how the Archimedian Screw makes water flow uphill.
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    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Beakman: I'm thirsting for knowledge, and I'm dry as a bone. Moisten me with a question, Phoebe!
        Phoebe: Drooling!

      • Beakman: (to Lester) Buck up, buccaneer!
        Phoebe: I've seen his booty; it ain't no treasure!

      • Lester: Beakman, talk slower, I'm trying to get it all down!
        Beakman: Lester's taking notes?
        Lester: No, I'm trying to get all of this down! (holding a sub sandwich)

      • Beakman: Do you know what that music means?
        Lester: Anyone can get a record deal these days?

      • Beakman: Phoebe, I'm stinking with questions; deorderize me with a question, please!
        Phoebe: Rolling on!

      • Phoebe: Here is a sweet smelling question from Sara Markin of Casper, Wyoming, she writes: Dear Beakman, my teacher says a screw is a machine, how can that be.
        Lester: It can't be. I suggest you report your teacher to the authorities and leave school immediately, don't do any homework, keep the TV on and disrespect your parents.
        Beakman: Lester, what are you saying?
        Lester: Well, that's what I did, and I didn't turn out too bad.
        Phoebe: Sara, don't listen to Lester; he's got a screw loose.

      • Phoebe: You're sure lively for a dead guy.
        Archimedes: Of course, I'm the death of the party. (smells Lester) And speaking of death.... (winces)

      • Archimedes: Now you know the story of the taming of the screw!
        Lester: What are you, an ar-comedian?
        Archimedes: Yes, and you, my friend, are a Greek tragedy!

      • Phoebe: Achtung! It's time... to thaw out your thoughts. Here he is.... The of heckle, the Samraat of silliness, the Wayne and Shuster of the rocket booster! The one, the only, the Beakman!
        Beakman:You taunt them, I'll haunt them. Let's County-Eye Joe.

    • NOTES (1)

      • This episode features underwater exploration footage of the Titanic by Dr. Robert Ballard for the Underwater Archaeology segment.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Samraat is an Sanskrit title meaning "Emperor".

        Wayne and Shuster (Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster) were a comedy team well known in Canada and two of Ed Sullivan's recurring guests.