Beakman's World

Season 1 Episode 16

Thermodynamics, Beakmania, & Pimples

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1992 on
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Thermodynamics, Beakmania, & Pimples
Beakman explains thermodynamics by showing how hot things cool and cold things warm up to room temperature, and how molecules move faster when they are hot than when they are cold. Afterward, Beakman explains why people get pimples.

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      • Beakman: Heat and cold are two things we bump into everyday.
        Lester: I'd like to bump into something cold right now.

      • Beakman: Exellant, Josie! No wonder she's heir to the Beakman throne.
        Lester: Yeah, she also heir to the Beakman air conditioner!

      • Beakman: There's been alot of strange cures for diseases. One of my favorites was what they did centuries ago. They would put a live frog in your throat to cure whooping cough.
        Lester: They don't do it anymore?
        Beakman: Of course not, Lester - that would make you croak.

      • Josie: That's a whole lot of webs, Jack.
        Lester: Kid's been watching a lot of Dragnet lately.

      • Beakman: Lester, what would you say if I said that yould not blow that little wad of paper into the bottle.
        Lester: Huh, I'd say your check would only be accepted with two valid forms of ID.

      • Lester: Would you like to hear about the Lester Challenge?
        Beakman: Yeah, sure, what is it?
        Lester: You have to be humiliated week after week on nation-wide television.

      • Lester: Hey, Beakman, what's shaking, buddy?
        Beakman: Lester, I'm experimenting with a very dangerous concoction here. One wrong move and yours truly here will be truly out of this world.

      • Beakman: Let's all take a closer look at the bogus scope!
        Lester: Not as exciting as "To the Bat-poles" but it will do around here.

      • Beakman: That oil keeps your face soft and supple.
        Lester: It keeps my fur shiny and manageable.

      • Beakman: The bacteria multiply and flourish and eventually cause inflammation.
        Lester: That's more inflammation than I needed to know.

      • Lester: If I was to pop this puppy, it would be a big explosion all over the place, and if there's one thing we don't need more of around here, it's more explosions.

      • Don: (watching explosion) Uh-oh!
        Herb: This could be the end of Lester.
        Don: I can't bear to look, Herb!
        Herb: Me neither, Don!
        Don: I hope they show a replay.
        Herb: Oooo, in super slo-mo.
        Don: Oooo, let's tape it.

      • Beakman: Love the underwear.
        Lester: Really, you don't think the hearts are too much?
        Lester: No, they're perfect.

      • Josie: What's your body's largest organ? Beakman will be right back with an organ recital.

      • Josie: Soo-weey! It's time to kick-start your cortex. Here he is... The merchant of the mentality, the kaiser of chemistry, the Pete Barbutti of the heavy duty... The one, The only, the Beakman!
        Beakman: You gun 'em, I'll sun 'em, let's Cha-cha!

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      • Pete Barbutti

        Pete Barbutti mentioned in the Beak-mania intro is a musical stand-up comic who was big in the 70s and 80s and most well-known for his appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.