Beakman's World

Season 1 Episode 16

Thermodynamics, Beakmania, & Pimples

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1992 on

Episode Recap

Herb wishes he had a t-shirt and jeans to wear instead of always wearing a tux and Don reminds him that he is a penguin; he just looks like he has a tux. Beakman starts the show revealing that elephants and humans are the only animals that can stand on their heads.

In the laboratory, the air-conditioning is out and Josie and Lester are sweltering when Beakman arrives by scooter. When he asks about mail, Josie produces a message from doug Smeath from South Jackson, Utah asking why hot things cool and cold things warm up. With Josie off the fix the AC, Beakman describes thermodynamics or the science of heat and cold. He reveals that molecules have energy and when they are heated, they move fast but gradually slow down as they lose energy. Heat evaporates to the point that objects turn to the temperature of the air around them. The same thing happens to cold things which are warmed by the air around them. Nothing trully cools or warms, they all become the same energy level of the air around them. Josie meanwhile fixes the AC, and it starts snowing in the lab.

In Beakmania, Beakman reveals there's been a lot of weird cures for sicknesses, but the weirdest cure was placing a live frog in the mouth for whooping cough. He shows a pound of spider-webs could reach around the world and that a typical typist could type 12.6 miles of pages. For Mythbusters, he disproves that there is lead in a pencil, it's really graphite made from carbon and that the typical pencil could draw a line thirty-five miles long. As a nurse, Josie does the warning for the Beakman Challenge. Beakman challenges Lester to blow a wad of paper into a bottle, but he can't do it. Beakman reveals that when Lester blows, the air in the bottle blows the paper out.

After break, Lester returns to find Beakman working on a serious experiment. Josie comes in with a letter. A viewer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania calling himself Pimpled and Puzzled asks about pimples and what causes them. To explain, Beakman flashes back on the dirty feet question from an earlier episode and reminds everyone that the shin has pores that secret oil. It's used to keep skin soft and supple, but when the pores get blocked by dirt, the bacteria trapped in the skin festers and creates the pimple as well as several forms of acne. It often fills with pus, but Beakman recommends not poopping it because it can cause an infection and cause a scar. Lester gets a pimple himself, and Beakman goes to get the benzoyl peroxide to treat it, warning Lester not to knock over his dangerous experiment. Trying to avoid it, Lester succeeds in knocking it over. It pops his pimple, but Beakmean laments the world will never have his cure for static cling. To keep from getting pimples, Beakman suggests washing the face often and keeping your figers from your face since they secret oil as well.

In closing the show, Beakman reveals the largest organ in the body is the skin. Don shuts off Beakman confusing him with Fred Astaire. Herb sets him right, explaing why Ginger rogers had a tail.