Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 3 Episode 25

A Berry Bear Christmas (1)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Dec 07, 1999 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The dog in the Shadow Projects logo in the closing credits says "Happy holidays!" in Treelo's voice, but only on the TV version.

    • When this special is aired on Playhouse Disney over two days, the first Shadow segment is cut, as well as Bear hanging the reindeer wreath on the door and then hearing the kids arguing.

    • Holiday songs featured in this episode are "A Berry Bear Christmas," "Holiday for Everyone," "That's All I Want for Christmas," "It's Kwanzaa Time," "What If?" and "Just Listen." Almost all of the songs in this and the second part are available on the "Bear's Holiday Celebration" album.

    • Shadow twists the format of the Shadow segment in this episode. Instead of Bear searching for her, she searches for him and sings "Where Oh Where is Bear?"

    • A new character, Jack the old hound dog, is introduced in this episode. Jack will appear again from time-to-time in the show's fourth season.

    • This episode and the second part are available on VHS in the United States. The VHS features Hi-Fi sound and close-captioning, but is recorded in SLP mode. In the U.K., both parts are available on the DVD "A Very Beary Christmas."

    • The events of this episode are continued directly in "A Berry Bear Christmas (2)."

  • Quotes

    • Bear and Luna (singing) Every mouse is in his mousehole
      Luna: Otters nestle in their bed
      Bear: Bearcubs get all cozy.
      Luna: And lemurs finally rest
      Bear and Luna: Even an old hound can finally settle down / If you just listen

    • Bear: Wow, you look beautiful!
      Luna: Oh.
      Bear: Winter becomes you.

    • Bear: Helping other creatures always feels good, whether it's a holiday or not.

    • Jack: You know, Bear, your little folks here are cuter than pups rolling around in fresh milk.

    • Tutter: Bear? (singing) What if all of us here / Could spread just / A little love around? / Do you think we'll / Have a made a difference / When we're done?

    • Jack: I guess I'm kind of between homes right now. My last one didn't work out --- something about digging up the roses or some darn thing, so I'm kinda homeless, if you know what I mean.

    • Jack: Where am I? Oh, it's two otters, a leumr, a little bear, a mouse and a big bear. Whoa. I hope this is heaven. Otherwise...

    • Doc Hogg: Boy, I hope those reindeer have been workin' out. Okay, who's next?
      Pip and Pop: We are!
      Pop: (singing) We'd like a thousand clams
      Doc Hogg: Clams...
      Pip: (singing) And then a million clams
      Doc Hogg: More clams.
      Treelo: (singing) And Treelo wants something (babbles in Treeloese)
      Doc Hogg: Something in yams?

    • Bear: Ah, the holidays. Yeah. Holidays. (lofty sounding voice) Since time began (normal voice) people everywhere have celebrated some kind of winter holiday. And the winter holidays are great. It's when family and friends get together to celebrate the season and be close to each other.

    • Bear: Has this ever happened to you? There's so much to do for the holidays and everybody wants to do everything. Uh, excuse me. Hi there. Remember me, the big furry guy who lives in the big blue house. (singing from show theme tune) Welcome tot he blue house. (spoken) Me. Hi. Hi.

    • Pip and Pop: Bear, you know the reindeer?
      Bear: Oh, sure. I met them years ago. There isn't an animal who works harder this time of year than reindeer.

    • Bear: Wait a second. What's that smell? Hmm? It's you! Ooh, you smell like pinecones and... holiday cookies and... wrapping paper and... mistletoe. I guess you're getting ready for the holidays too. Or maybe you just smell this festive all the time.

    • Pip and Pop: (singing) A time for friends to get together
      Tutter: Sound the trumpet
      Bear: And ring the chime!

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