Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 3 Episode 26

A Berry Bear Christmas (2)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Dec 07, 1999 on Disney Channel

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  • The story continues.

    Well, after rescuing that adorable hound, everyone in the Big Blue House take him into their happy home and promise to give him the best Christmas that he has ever had. It turns out that they kept their promise, even though they thought they didn't when they realised he didn't get a present. Then, he tells them that they have given him a present. They gave him a wonderful place to stay for the holidays, and they give him love and friendship.

    Also, everyone has trouble deciding what to give Bear for Christmas, but they learn that some of the best presents are homemade. They make him a beautiful berry-picking bucket. Oh that bucket was so lovely!

    At the end, everyone goes searching for The Winter Berry, and Pip and Pop finally find it. Therefor, they get to make a wish. I cried so hard when they made their wish. They wished for that adorable houd dog to have a home of his own, and it comes true. Doc Hogg finds an empty dog house in his yard, and gives it to Jack (the hound dog).

    What a beautiful episode. A fine example of peace on Earth.