Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 18

A Strange Bird

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Oct 06, 2003 on Disney Channel



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    • Bear: You know, Luna, it's really amazing how different we all can be.
      Luna: Mmm.
      Bear: And all the interesting things we can learn from one another.
      Luna: That's true, Bear. There are as many types of creatures and ways of doing things as there are stars in the sky. And each one is beautiful in its own way.

    • Ojo: And sorry about that whole hide-and-go seek thing.
      Puck: Quack.
      Ojo: We didn't know that that's how penguins slept.
      Puck: Hide-and-go seek?
      Treelo: We tell you later.

    • Ojo: You know, Bear, I don't think that I really understand Puck.
      Tutter: Folks do things differently just about wherever you go. We learned that in school today.

    • Miss Maxwell: (singing) Imagine if everyone / Sang the same note / What kind of song would that be? / But it comes alive
      Mice: But it comes alive / With a third and a five / Singing in harmony!

    • Miss Maxwell: You know, there's a word for all the wonderful differences between folks all around the world. It's called diversity.

    • Tutter: Have you ever noticed how we're all mice, but a lot of us have different colored fur?

    • Bear: I've never met a penguin before. Have you?

    • Jeremiah: Uh, mail, you said, huh.
      Bear: Well, this is the post office, right?
      Jeremiah: It is? ... Right, you are!

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  • Allusions

    • The kids of the Big Blue House play the song "I Only Have Ice for You" for Puck. The title of this song is a spoof on the classic lounge song "I Only Have Eyes for You," as performed by Frank Sinatra.

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