Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 16

Big Blue Home Of The Brave

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Oct 28, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Big Blue Home Of The Brave
When Miss Maxwell notices Tutter's enthusiasm for singing the Woodland Valley Mouse School Song, she asks him to sing the Emmentaler Solo in the upcoming recital. Tutter is nervous at first, but the other mice express their approval of the idea and he agrees. Later, his doubts resurface when practicing at the Big Blue House, but his friends offer him reassurance. Bear discusses the idea of bravery and notes that being brave often sometimes means simply trying something new. For example, as Ojo's skill on her bike continues to improve, she once again decides to try taking off her training wheels. In the Shadow segment, viewers learn about a flounder who decided to become a cowboy.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Ojo has Bear remove the training wheels from her bike in this episode and this time is able to ride without them. She first tried riding without them in "Step By Step," but decided she wasn't ready.

      • There are three songs in this episode --- "Woodland Valley Mouse School Song," "You're Braver Than You Know" and "The Cheese Chorus / Emmentaler Solo."

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Bear: Oh, I almost forgot --- thanks for visiting the Big Blue House. And the next time you want to try something new, remember, I believe in you and so should you! See ya' soon.

      • Ojo: Bear? Um, I was thinking, later I might try riding without my training wheels.
        Bear: Well, only if you're ready, Ojo.
        Ojo: I am. Um --- and you'll be right behind me, right, Bear?
        Bear: Heh heh heh. You can count on it, Ojo.
        Bear: Good.

      • Cowboy Flounder: Just be yourselves, pardners. That's real courage.

      • Tutter: I've always dreamed of singing in the spotlight. I just wish I knew for sure I wasn't going to mess up.
        Bear: Well, Tutter, think about it this way --- if everyone knew how things were going to turn out before they did them, nobody would try anything new.
        Tutter: You know, you're right, Bear. Hey! I can do this!

      • Tutter: Who am I kidding, Bear? Little old mouse like me singing one of the - the great mouse classic solos? Dah! Who do I think I am? Luciano Havorde or something? Ohh.
        Bear: Tutter. Tutter.
        Tutter: Just can't!
        Bear: Breathe in. Breathe out. Now Tutter, remember, you're among friends.

      • Bear: It's really brave of Ojo to want to take off her training wheels again. Yeah. Brave. When you think of the word brave you probably think of... an knight saving a castle from a dragon or a superhero who saves the day. But to be brave, you don't have to be a knight or a superhero. In fact, being brave is something most of us are every day.

      • Luke: I for one, think you are an excellent choice, Tutter. As they say in the music world, you've got some pipes, cat.
        Mice: (except Luke) A cat?! Where's the cat?! Where's the cat?!
        Luke: It's just an expression.
        Tutter: Huh?
        Luke: What I mean is, Tutter is a mouse with a very good voice.

      • Tutter: You want me to sing the Emmentaler Solo?
        Miss Maxwell: Yeah.
        Tutter: Can I think about it?
        Miss Maxwell: Uh, why, yes, certainly.

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