Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 2 Episode 36

Call It a Day

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Unknown on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This episode features two songs --- "What's That Smell?" and "At the Pond." "What's That Smell?" is Track 2 on the More Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House album.

    • This episode includes a brief segment in which real kids discuss some of the things that they do in a day. These include going to the playground, celebrating a birthday, playing games, practicing various sports and activities, and more.

  • Quotes

    • Luna: Hello, Bear. I was just peeking over the edge of the Earth to see if I could catch Ray.
      Bear: Any luck?
      Luna: No.

    • Tutter: I gotta be regular, Bear. A regular mouse.

    • Bear: There's nothing like a cup of warm milk to give you the sweetest dreams.

    • Bear: Everybody loves the Otter Pond, but not as much as Pip and Pop.

    • Bear: Me --- I have three favorite parts to my day --- breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Bear: Wow, what a day we've had. Yeah, a day. Aren't days amazing? Anything can happen in them.

    • Bear: And do you know why the dragon was breathing fire?
      Kids: No.
      Ojo: Maybe he needed a breath mint.

    • Bear: Well, as you can see, we've had a very busy day here at the Big Blue House and you're just in time for the best part - Ojo, Pip and Pop, Tutter and Treelo are all sleeping in the living room tonight and you're just in time for the bedtime story.

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