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"Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash" (4/26/2006)

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    Fun, fun episode! Tutter holds his very first sleepover, for all his new friends at Mouse School. And Ojo gets to join too.

    It's a fun sleepover, but the kids all miss their parents. And Ojo is worried she isn't fitting in. But they all play parmcheesy and have a good time. And Bear struggles with the unique catering difficulties of feeding a large group of mice.

    Tutter is worried about what the other mice would think of him sleeping with Kitty. But as we already know here, you don't have to be a kid to have a stuffed animal. Reminds me of the JoJo's Circus story in which they had an entire story about Bal Boa being worried what the others will think when they find out he sleeps with a "stuffy-wuff."

    I sometimes wonder if the characters on Bear are sad when they hear other characters talk about their parents. All of the mice kids wanted to call their parents, yet as far as I can tell, Tutter is an orphan. I like Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends somewhat better in that regard.
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