Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 3 Episode 20

Let's Get Interactive

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Unknown on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Doc Hogg's computer appears to only have two programs. Although no mention of it is made in the episode, it's probably quite likely that Doc Hogg has additional information and programs on that computer related to his medical practice. If so, they are likely simply stored under another username or partition that Doc Hogg has temporarily disabled.

    • Back in the "When I'm Older" song in "Mouse Party," Tutter expresses an ambition to someday use a computer. However in this episode, like Ojo, he has no idea what a computer is until Bear tells him.

    • This episode includes a brief segment in which real kids talk about ways that they interact. These include playing video and computer games, sports or just talking with friends. Some of them have also used e-mail or visited websites.

    • This episode features two songs --- "Good Morning" (Track 6 on the album "Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House") and "The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha" (Track 3 on the same album.) Shortened versions of both songs are used, however.

    • At one point, Bear is looking for dirt, water and seeds to help solve a puzzle. He says "You know, these things would be a lot easier to find if we had a couple of guides to help us" and then Pip and Pop shows up. Oddly, when he says this, close-captioning reads "You know, these things would be a lot easier to find if we had a little blue dog to help us."

  • Quotes

    • Pip: Let's compare Pip to this ordinary rock. Now, you notice what happens, Bear, if I say something to the rock. Ahem. Hello, rock. (silence) Not very satisfying, is it?
      Bear: Can't argue with that.

    • Bear: Ojo and Tutter have just discovered that computers are very interactive. Hey. Interactive. Interactive. Wow, that's a big word. In-ter-act-ive. But we interact every day. Mm-hmm. When you say or do something and somebody or something else does something back to you, that is interactive.

    • Ojo: How do I do it? What do I do?
      Bear: First, you grab the mouse.
      Ojo: (grabs Tutter)
      Tutter: What?! Hey!
      Ojo: Got him!
      Tutter: Why does she have to grab me?

    • Bear: Um, by the way, if you ever do or see something that needs to be plugged in, why don't you get a grown-up to plug it in for you and turn it on? Okay?

    • Bear: You see, Doc Hogg is getting his office painted today, so he asked me to look after his stuff so that paint wouldn't get on it or anything.

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