Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 12

Let's Hit the Road

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Sep 20, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Let's Hit the Road
At Mouse School, Miss Maxwell announces a field trip and gives all the mice a permission slip for their parent or guardian to sign. Tutter is excited about the trip at first and eagerly tells the kids at the Big Blue House about it when he gets there. When he tells them that Miss Maxwell said the location would be a surprise, Pip and Pop figure that the trip must be to a field. The kids think about all of the fun things they could do on a trip around the world. Tutter, however, becomes very worried that he's going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. He hides his permission slip from Bear and later decides to fake being sick. Meanwhile, Ojo plans a big trip on her bike. She plots out her course, but finds that sometimes you need a guide, such as a responsible adult, to help out. When Miss Maxwell hears that Tutter is worried about the trip, she provides him with some reassuring, but also a bit surprising news.moreless
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      • Luna: That Ojo. She's got a bit of the adventurer in her.

      • Ojo: Yeah, Tutter. Just stay close to Miss Maxwell and you'll be fine. Um, Miss Maxwell's a grown-up and, well, grown-ups watch out for us kids, especially when we go on trips to new places and stuff, right, Bear?

      • Tutter: Okay! Okay! I admit it. I'm not really sick.
        Bear: Well, Tutter, why don't you just tell me what's bothering you?
        Tutter: Oh, I'm sorry for fibbing, Bear. It's just that I just don't want to go on the field trip. I don't want to go out a big old field in the middle of nowhere! Well, anything could happen to a little mouse out there.
        Bear: Oh, Tutter. Just because it's called a field trip doesn't mean you're going to a field. A field trip could be anywhere. To a museum, or a factory, or even a firehouse.
        Miss Maxwell: Well, that's true, Bear, but it just so happens we are going to a field tomorrow. We're taking a field trip to a field.
        Bear: See... uh? ... Huh? Oh, uh --- Okay, well, uh, well --- Well, that can be interesting too, for a mouse.

      • Tutter: It's not like I have any school trips or field trips to go on, if that's what you're thinking.

      • Pip: Let's go play monkey in the middle.
        Pop: Excellent idea. (they leave)
        Treelo: Hey! Who gonna be the monkey?!

      • Ojo: (singing) The wide, wide world / It's open and free / The road, the wind / The sun and the sea / I hear adventure / Calling to me.

      • Ojo: I think that sounds great. The wide open road. The wind in your fur. The whole world to explore.

      • Tutter: (asked where he's going on his field trip) Miss Maxwell said it was a surprise.
        Pop: Well, if it's a field trip, it's probably to a field, wouldn't you say, Pip?
        Pip: Oh, most definitely.

      • Miss Maxwell: No slip, no trip. Got that, everyone?
        Mice: No slip, no trip. Got it, Miss Maxwell.

      • Bear: You're certainly getting good on that bike.
        Ojo: Yeah. I'm going to see how many times I can ride around the Big Blue House without stopping. See ya', Bear.

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