Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 3 Episode 3

Lost And Found

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Unknown on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This episode features one song --- "You Will Find Your Way." It is Track 3 on the Playhouse Disney album.

    • The dog in the Shadow Projects logo in the closing credits quacks like Harry.

    • This episode includes a brief real-kids segment in which kids give some ideas on how to avoid getting lost. They include holding your Mom's hand, holding a flashlight when it's dark, using directions and telling the person at the counter of a store if you're lost.

    • In this episode, Harry says that he's been separated from his Mom, brothers and sisters. No reference is made to his brothers and sisters in future episodes and none are present when Hallie is born in "When Harry Met Hallie."

    • This episode introduces the character of Harry the Duck. He and his family live at the Duck Pond, which is actually the Otter Pond. They fly south every winter.

  • Quotes

    • Luna: You know, Bear, I learned a long time ago that if you get lost, it's important to stay where you are until your family or friends find you.

    • Mama Duck: Oh, Mr. Bear. You certainly are wonderful bear. So big, so strong, so kind, so wonderful, so full of fur. How can I ever thank you?
      Bear: You don't have to. It was my pleasure, really. And it's just Bear.
      Mama Duck: Oh, I must kiss you! I must give this big bear a kiss.

    • Bear: Oh, there you are, Shadow.
      Shadow: Of course I'm here. Where else would I be but where I am?
      Bear: Well, um, can't argue with that, Shadow.

    • Ojo: Ducks are so cool. I just the way they
      Bear and Ojo: waddle and quack.

    • Bear: Lois, this is Bear. Listen, have you seen a family of ducks in the area?
      Lois: Trucks in the area? No, no, I haven't heard about any trucks, Bear. However, interestingly enough, I did see some ducks not ten minutes ago.

    • Harry: Bye, Mr. Bear.
      Bear: It's just Bear.
      Harry: Oh, right. Bye, Mr. Bear.

    • Tutter: Bear, I don't know if you know this, but there's a duck over there and --- and he's eating all our sandwiches!
      Bear: Oh yeah, I know. That's Harry.
      Tutter: Hairy? No, I wouldn't say hairy, Bear. Feathery, definitely, but not hairy. Oh, and hungry. Very hungry!

    • Bear and Harry: (singing) All by yourself (myself) / You (I) can be strong
      Bear: And you will find your way
      Harry: I will find my way
      Bear and Harry: You (I) will find your (my) way. (song ends)
      Harry: (sighs) Thanks, Mr. Bear. I feel a lot better now.
      Bear: I'm glad, Harry. And, Harry? It's just Bear.

    • Bear: Wow. Lost. It can be a very serious word.
      Harry: Yeah.
      Bear: Lost. You know, lots of things get lost. Like, um, you could lose a mitten. Or you could lose your favorite toy.

    • Harry: I was out by the Duck Pond with my Mom and my brothers and my sisters...
      Pip: Uh, uh, excuse me Harry, but actually we kind of call it the Otter Pond.
      Pop: Yeah. Not that it matters or anything.
      Pip: Oh. Yeah. Yeah. It's just a name.

    • Bear: Hi there, I'm Bear.
      Duck: Uh, hi, Mr. Bear. Quack!
      Bear: Heh heh heh. Uh no, it's just Bear.

    • Bear: Ooh. Tell me --- did you have pancakes for breakfast? 'Cause you smell all sweet and "pancakey." Heh heh heh. (inhales deeply) Or maybe you smell this good all the time.

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