Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 3 Episode 2

Nothing to Fear

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Unknown on Disney Channel
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Nothing to Fear

When Bear receives a package from "L.L. Bear" in the mail, he's surprised to find that he received a skunk clock rather than the bear clock he ordered. Rather than returning it, he decides to give it a try and hangs it up in the kitchen. He hears Ojo and Treelo outside and finds Treelo swinging on a swing. He gets off and asks Ojo to try, but finds that she doesn't want to. She admits to being somewhat scared, but finds a compromise in starting out by first taking small swings. As Bear heads off into the living room for a nap, Tutter is disturbed by the "tick-tock" of the skunk clock, mistaking it for a real skunk. He's scared by it, but eventually comes to realize that it's actually alive and is nothing to be afraid of. Out at the Otter Pond, Pip and Pop play a game called "Double D Dare." When their daring starts to get dangerous, Bear suggests that they think of things to do that are silly, but not potentially dangerous. Sometimes, if you're scared to do something, there may be a very good reason for it.


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • In this episode, Bear sings that "everyone's afraid of bats" and that "anyone who says they're not is tellin' you a little white lie." Bear would later change his tune in "Bats are People Too" when he befriends a bat and tells the kids that they're nothing to be afraid of.

      • There is no Shadow segment in this episode.

      • This episode includes a brief segment in which real kids discuss some things they're afraid of and who they talk about their fears with. Fears include the dark, big cats like tigers and cheetahs and heights. Sometimes the kids will talk to the parents, or aunts and uncles. One gives her dog a kiss.

      • This episode features a shortened version of "What's in the Mail Today?" as well as the song "Everybody's Afraid of Something." Bear and the otters also do some singing as part of a dare, but it really isn't a full-on song number.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Bear: Well, Tutter's been busy, taking apart my skunk clock.
        Luna: Your skunk clock?
        Bear: Mm-hmm. Oh, it's okay. He just needed to get to know it better. He was afraid of it at first.

      • Tutter: I laugh. I laugh at this clock that looks like a skunk.

      • Bear: Wait a minute. If you feel like you shouldn't do something, well, there may be a good reason why you shouldn't do it.

      • Bear: I'm glad Ojo's not afraid of swinging anymore. Hey, aftaid. Afraid. It's a funny word. It starts with --- you know what letter that is? "A!" That's right. Afraid. You know, it's okay to be afraid. Hey, it happens to everyone.

      • Treelo: Ojo afraid?
        Ojo: Uh, uh, no. I'm-I'm not afraid. I'm not.
        Bear: It's okay, Ojo. You don't have to swing if you don't want to.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Bear receives his skunk clock from a catalog called "L.L. Bear." This is a spoof on the popular L.L. Bean catalog, a mail-order catalog generally known for outdoor equipment and clothing.

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