Bear in the Big Blue House

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  • A Triumph That Shows What Most Toddler Shows Should Be

    Bear in the Big Blue House I honestly think is right up there with Sesame Street & Arthur as some of the greatest kid shows ever created. Not only is it educational unlike "Brightly-Colored Junkfood" like Barney or Teletubbies, but it is absolute fun for young kids. The show tells such creative & imaginative stories. The show also has some really good songs for almost every episode, I was amazed at how creative they were too. All the characters are such memorable creations, and they set an example of how unique characters most kids' shows should have, but don't. I do wish this show was still on TV and for the newer generations to watch, because this show I feel will never become dated, similar to the older seasons of Sesame Street. I honestly do feel that a lot of people are too harsh on this show, because a treasure like this is what most kid shows should be like, instead of being "Junkfood" for the minds of youth.

    4/4 Stars
  • Freaky.

    The entire concept was kind of freaky. I never really liked the Disney Channel back in the day, and this one was by far their worst show. Really annoying.
  • I hate Bear in the Big Blue House!!

    I can not stand this show. Why? It's just like Baboon from I am Weasel! Horrible uncreative stories, terrible character names ("Bear?" Bland as anything!) and worst of all - annoying songs. An embodiment of what I hate about TV. I can't believe it has taken me this long to review it. I hate Bear in the Big Blue House!
  • It suprises me

    It really suprises me how does has a bigger rating than fanboy and chum chum when i was younger this show gave me nightmares
  • Bring back the humanity

    I agree with the user "bringbearback". Bring back the show. My childhood went straight down the void after the episodes ended. My spirit has to be lighten up again by this show. Please.
  • Best Playhouse Disney Show.

    Bear In The Big Blue House is easily one of the greatest educational shows to show a child in my opinion. It's fun, and quirky while teaching kids the ups and downs of everyday life. Bear is the ideal main character for a kids show. He is kind, easy-going, and fun shows characters now-a-day should take a lesson from the Big Bear. And the music and puppeteering just are perfect. Bear is one of the best educational productions to come out of a channel.
  • use to like it when i was young... now it just scares me.

  • Bring Bear In The Big Blue House, BACK PLEASE!!

    I loved this show! I've seen all of the episodes since I was a little baby, and now since I'm 13 it is no longer on tv. I feel like my whole childhood has been washed away by a hurricane. All I ask for someone to do is just allow the shows that have already been aired back on to tv. Will someone please put Bear In The Big Blue House back on the air again, and you don't have to make new ones just rerun the old ones, please.
  • Wonderful, beautiful show

    I absolutely loved this show for my children. It played at just the right time in the morning when my eldest daughter was due to go for her morning nap. We would watch the last bit together and I would sing along with the goodbye song which was the signal for her nap. I loved, loved, loved those few moments together and it will remain one of my fondest memories. I also adored Shadow's lullaby and recently acquired it after searching for it for years (my daughter is 10 now). I loved Bear (and I loved his house!) and the simple wholesome storylines, probably more than my kids did!
  • One of my faves when I was little, ad still my fave today.

    This show was so much fun to watch! It was about a big yellow bear named Bear, who lived in a big blue house, and we went in and had adventures and learned things at the same time. My favorite characters are Ojo, Bear, Treelo, and I forgot their names, but they're twin otters, Pop and Hop? This show was realy fun, and I don't think they show it anymore!! I'm so mad, because I'd like to see it again! Bear used to scare the creeps out of my dad, mainly because he was so big! I especially liked the ending song! I remember it by heart! Fun show, and I really enjoyed it!!
  • This is wrong. Just plain wrong.

    A talking Been there, done that. I want the the 30 minutes i wasted watching this POS back. Shows like this are mainly to attract the viewers but instead, this is making kids just say "Mom WTF is this?". A talking moon is just as bad. Before the show ends, he goes to the top of the house & talks to the ******' moon. What a retard. Still, i want back those 30 minutes i wasted.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Bear in the Big Blue House is one of the most comforting, entertaining, musical children's shows ever made. Add in the amazingness of Bear and his wonderful house filled with his friends and you've got a wonderful series that can be enjoyed by both childr

    The basic concept is this --- Bear (a big, furry guy who thinks you smell good, with the warmth and calmness of Fred Rogers) runs a sort of foster home / daycare called the Big Blue House (situated within Woodland Valley) for a group of anthropomorphic children including a bearcub, two otters, a lemur and a mouse. Some of them, such as Tutter, seem to live at the Big Blue House, while others such as Ojo are usually only there by day. In any case, Bear loves them all the same and takes great care of them all.

    Bear is truly the standout star of the show. How exactly he came to run the Big Blue House is not exactly known (if it is, I haven't seen yet), but Bear almost always knows just what do and what to say. He has the most gentle, calm, kind, caring personality you could ever imagine and an amazing singing voice. We do know some things about Bear --- that he went to high school and college, has played sports in the past and has many adult friends around Woodland Valley as well. Bear loves to sniff things, enjoys hot cocoa and a warm winter's nap and most of all enjoys being with all his friends. Sometimes in the morning, he'll get up early and talk to the sun. And every night, he visits the attic of the Big Blue House and talks with longtime friend Luna, the moon.

    The main children seen in the Big Blue House are Ojo (a bearcub), Tutter (a mouse), Treelo (a lemur) and Pip and Pop (otters). They're all good friends and look up to Bear, but they each have their own issues and may argue from time-to-time. When disagreements happen, however, they can count on a bit of Bear's steady counsel, but can also often work things out on their own.

    Ojo a young bearcub with a very sweet personality. She can be a bit shy at times, but for the most part is ready to play with her friends. She has a wonderful imagination and can make up all sorts of fun games.

    Treelo is a mouse with edge. He can say some surprising things at times and often tries to act "cool." But his very small size means that he often has to have help with things from Bear. When this happens, you can usually count on hearing a kindly "Thank you, Bear" from him. He is also cheese fanatic and loves anything involving all sorts of cheeses, from Cheddar to Brie.

    Treelo is a fairly young lemur who's relatively new to the Big Blue House. As the youngest, there are a lot of things the other kids are familiar with that are new to him. Treelo is active, energetic and can spur the others to action even at a time when they had planned to relax. Treelo loves swinging from all sorts of things with his long tail. Treelo sometimes breaks from normal speech and babbles in a sort of gibber-gabber that close-captioning sometimes (but not always) identifies as "Treeloese."

    Finally, Pip and Pop are otters that can sometimes be hard to tell apart, but do still have separate personalities. Whereas Treelo loves cheese, they absolutely adore clams. When they're not at the Big Blue House, they can usually be found hanging out at the Otter Pond.

    Occasionally, guests will show up at the Big Blue House. One of the most memorable recurring guests is Harry --- a little duck who was lost from his family. The gang invited him into the House and helped him find his Mom. He was invited back to the Big Blue House and returned a few times throughout the show's run. Harry has great respect for Bear and finds it hard to be familiar with him --- he almost always calls him Mr. Bear, despite Bear's insistence that it's "Just Bear."

    Adult guest stars range from Bear's friends to special guests, even including Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of a musical Bandini. Bear's best adult friend is Doc Hogg, a hog who's the Woodland Valley physician.

    Finally, there is Shadow, a special friend of Bear's. In most episodes, Bear will search for Shadow by singing the "Where Oh, Where is Shadow?" song. This funny little adolescent shadow-girl will then appear and tell some sort of tale with an amusing twist, or sing a song. These tales can be a real hoot and when she's singing, Shadow is a wonderful singer.

    In fact, pretty much all of the characters on the show are great at singing. Bear is the most talented of them all --- absolutely astounding in any style. Bear can spin a song about anything from one's senses to the magic of the holidays. He sounds great solo, but often sings together with one or more of the other characters. Each of the characters has their own unique singing style and none of them of them are at all annoying or bad.

    The fourth season of the show brought some changes to the Big Blue House. While I didn't enjoy the fourth season (which, oddly enough, is the only one Playhouse Disney usually shows these days) quite as much as the others (what I've seen of them, anyway), there's definitely a lot to be said for it. Perhaps the most major change is with Tutter --- he begins attending mouse school and socializing with other mice. This is good for him in many ways, but it also means that he has less time at the Big Blue House and Ojo especially begins to feel neglected. It all works out, though. The other major change is that the characters really begin to get out and explore a lot more of Woodland Valley. Ojo, in particular, learns to ride her bike, and goes on all sorts of adventures.

    Unfortunately, the voice of Luna (Lynne Thigpen --- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?) has passed away and the show's creator (also writer and director for many episodes), Mitchell Kriegman, has moved onto another project --- It's a Big, Big World. So it's highly unlikely that there will be anymore new episodes of the show. Playhouse Disney is airing a program called Breakfast with Bear, in which Bear visits the homes of preschoolers for their morning routines, but I haven't really watched much of it. Worst of all, Playhouse Disney (at least in the U.S.), now only usually airs the program on weekends, and only fourth season episodes. On the positive side, a large number of episodes are available on video and/or DVD.

    Overall, this is one of the best programs you and/or your kids could watch. Top-notch viewing experience all around.
  • to many toddler shows

    i admit i used to watch this show when i was 5.
    then i real ized that this show can put kids in the lonnie home for insanes. really if some one caught kids talking to a moon and talking to animals that are vicious like real bears at the zoo. i would'nt watch this if i were you.
  • Nobody knows that I have this on DVD...

    Lol. I know what you're thinking, I'm crazy. But it's true, at twelve years old, I still love Bear In The Big Blue House, and I am proud of it!!! 0_o It is an educational show for little kids, so I don't see why people wouldn't give it at least a five. Pip and Pop are so cute, I can't seem to detatch my eyes from the screen when they appear. This is a show that I may always love, no matter how old I am, this I don't know. But how dare they take it off Playhouse Disney, that was the only decent toddler's show; let's not discuss the Wiggles. :'( I miss this show; but I guess my childhood will have to end sometime. *sigh*
  • It drove me insane

    Okay. My classes tend to end early and when gas prices went up my school decided to end Fri classes, so I tend to be at home alot when there's nothing but "baby" kids shows on. This one drove me crazy. How people could tolerate this show I have no idea. When I saw him on the Wayne Brady show I wanted to scream. I could not stand that weird looking bear....
  • A show that teaches kids life lessons, I think.

    The only reason I gave this show a ratong of 5 is this, the show may be stupid, and a little creepy, but it deos teach kids something. It is better than some of the shows on tv and Im proud to say, that when i was alittle kid( about 1, when i didn't know what good tevevision was) i watyched this show. Granted it did scary me a little, I mean, how could a talking moon not. But now, I know what is good or not and this show is definatly not. It about a bear(duh) and a bunch of other puppet things that live in a, bet you can guesse it, a big blue house. And at the end of every episode, the bear sings with the moon. One of the characters is a shadow. How does a smart person play with a shadow, I don't know. But then again, who said the bear was smart. Just look at his name, Bear. Real creative.That is my review. Thabks for reading it.
  • Not Sesame Street but warm, engaging and good for preschool kids

    Watching it as at 17 I must admit that it is a good product that has the strengths of the genre but has none of the major weaknesses that you would associate with something like Barney. Bear is actually quite a warm character and he has a bit of personality behind him rather than just churning out phrases and corny clichés. The fact that the other characters are pretty good also helps as, although they are cute of course, they are not so sickly that I ever feared becoming diabetic from just watching it. It has a nice warm feel to it and Bear approaches the audience like a kindly Uncle rather than doing patronising baby talk. It isn't quite Sesame Street but it has more of that feel than the dreaded dinosaur. The characters all look good and are well delivered (although Shadow as an idea is just plain creepy if you ask me) and the voice work matches it all well.

    Overall this is an enjoyable show for pre-school kids that can be watched by adults without getting annoying in the way that some others do. Like I said, not Sesame Street but effective nonetheless.
  • One of the best Jim Henson shows since the classic ones where made.

    Ever since Jim Henson died, there hasn't been much great stuff by the Jim Henson company but then 'Bear in the Big Blue House' was made and I think it's a masterpeice. Just like 'Sesame Street', it's alot of fun for the kids to watch and when you are older, you still love it since it's a pretty funny series sometimes and it's got alot of good songs just like 'Sesame Street' always has. This series is kind of simular to 'Sesame Street' how it has a bunch of good songs, teaches kids important lessons and such but I still feel like this is a very original series. In each episode, Bear teaches about stuff and the kids learn about more stuff that relates to the subject as you get to see what all of Bear's friends are doing and such. Another fun thing about 'Bear in the Big Blue House' is that in each episode, Bear's friend, Shadow has a shadow puppet show play which plays out different nersery rhyme songs and to help make it more original and enjoyable, they add in something to make it funny or funnier. It's cute how each episode ends with Bear telling Luna about what everyone did in the episode and then they sing their good-bye song which is a beautiful song. I defenitly don't think that the Jim Henson company can ever make any other new show for kids that can top 'Bear in the Big Blue House'.
  • Awww I used to love this show!!

    Yep. The title says it again! It rocks!! I used to watch it when I was younger and loved it! No I dont remember all the charactors names but I remember Bear (Obvs), Tutter (the mouse) and Luner (the moon), Shaddow (the shaddow lol) and I remember the look of all the other charactors but not the names.
    Anyway all the episodes were great and entertaining when I was younger. I havnt watched it in agggggggggges!Its been like 8 years! Awww .. those were the good old days. Bear is soo cute and adorable. You just want to cuddle him lol.
    Anyways I cant think of any more to say soo bye.
  • My favorite show!

    Well, as you can tell from my username (sweetojo), my banner, and my avater, which is a picture of Ojo, this is my favorite show. I love all the characters in it, and I love what you can learn from watching this show. You can learn a lot about friendship, teamwork, cooperation, creativity, and being healthy. You also learn to just be yourself. I think these are very important life lessons, and watching this show can really help you. It's also just a fun show to watch as well. The great music, the comedy, and all the cute, adorable characters. This is a cute show.
  • I vaguely remember this show, but I do remember that I loved it.

    Bear in the Big Blue House was such a classic. All the characters were so funny and loveable. Bear and Luna are the 2 that stick out in my mind. I also remember 2 little otter brothers (were they otters? :P) and a little mouse. It was so fun and educational at the same time, and that's what all little kid shows need to be. That's what made it so successful. And I loved all the songs they would sing. (From what I remember, they sang at least 3 an episode.) Bear in the Big Blue House was one of my childhood favorites.
  • My son's show. He loved watching it.

    My three year old son and I loved watching this in the mornings on Disney. Bear and the whole gang was a great show to wake up to.

    Big friendly Bear inviting you into his big blue house to spend time with Tutter, Otto, Treelo, Ojo, Ursa and Ray. Stories or Nursery Rhymes were brought to life by Shadow and little lessons learnt throughout the episode were fun and exciting, albeit for a very young audience. At the end of every episode Bear and Luna sang the goodbye song. Goodbye, goodbye good friends goodbye. The moon, the bear and the big, blue house will see you very soon I know.

    It will be missed.
  • perfect for duvet days...

    Okay. So I'm not the target audience, but as soon as I hear Bear welcome me to his Big Blue house with that cheery song I'm hooked. It's like that warm tummy tickle you got as a child eating buttered toast watching Children's hour when you got home from school.
    Unlike the tiresome purple Barney singing shows this has class, humour and great tunes. I like it when Bear sniffs the air and tells us we smell good- you don't get that with so-called adult shows.
    I think that the makers are the Jim Henson workshop and this shines through. They really know how to bring these characters to life and you forget that there are hands in puppets and men in bear suits.
  • Awwwwwwww!!! This show is precious!

    I have only watched a few of the episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House, but I absolutely love it. I think it's one of the cutest shows in the world. The characters are sweet and adorable. I can't believe how cute and cuddly they look. I could just hug them!!!
    There's the main man himself, Bear. LOL! He takes care of all the little ones and is very kind and gentle.
    There's the two little otters, Pip and Pop, and they're always doing everything together. I love those two. "We love everything!" LOL!
    There's Treelo, that cute little lemur. He's so friendly and adorable, and he's always ready to play.
    There's Tutter the mouse. He's a very hard-working kid and so young. He can get a little upset when he's working and things don't go his way. Still, he's got a warm heart.
    Then, there's Ojo, my favorite character. Aww, she's so cute and sweet. Sometimes, she gets angry with her friends, but she doesn't mean to. She's got a heart of gold.
    I love all the characters in this show, and you can learn a lot from watching it, such as friendship, love, and cooperation. This show is so cute! LOL!
  • Bear is the best show on TV! Why can't they show reruns during the day when most kids are awake! My 1st daughter loved that show, now my 9 month old doesn't get to watch it! we are so sad!! Please bring reruns back!!

    most kids aren't up at 5:30 AM!! Can they please show it during the day! My first daughter would dance to the show. she loved the characters. she had Bear for her 1st b'day theme!! Now, my 9 month old likes the stuffed animals and the tapes, but she doesn't get to watch it unless i wanted to wake her up at 5:30!! Whe are shows like Doodlebobs and Koala Brothers on all the time and what is up with the daniel cook thing, we turn it off and onto Nick Jr. Why can't Bear be in the lineup again. That show taught values, handled important situations and had characters that were nice to each other!! I tried everything to find out how to write these people. hopefully they will bring it back... The best children's cartoon!!
  • "Bear in The Big Blue House" is a wonderful show for kids... Disney needs to stop with the Timon & Pumbaa garbage and bring back the really good stuff like "Bear in the Big Blue House".

    "Bear in the Big Blue House" is a wonderful, calm & still exciting show for young children. What a wonderful way for klittle kids to learn about the world around them. With bright colors that don't bleed your eyes, gentle voices and simple games & songs, "Bear in the Big Blue House" was a dream come true for a television Mom like myself. No need to feel guilty letting your kids watch tv when the programming is ideal like "Bear" was. When Disney pulled it, I almost cancelled my Disney Channel subscription in despair. I want them to bring it back before my youngest child is too old to enjoy it. Then again, I'd watch it every day, every hour it was on if it was on today and I'm 38! Please, Disney... Bring back "Bear"!
  • I still watch this, and I'm almost 19!

    I've been watching this show since I was eleven years old. I know it's weird for someone my age, but I don't really give two craps. This show inspired me.
    Before I started watching this show, I was lonely. I had friends, but I never knew how to communicate around them. I was too shy, too unsure, and I never really realized how beautiful friendships are.
    One specific character taught me these things. Besides Bear, Ojo also helped me. When I first started watching the show, Ojo was the first to wake me up and make me smell the coffee. For one thing, she's a girl, like me. For another, she's so kind and sweet. Even though she sometimes gets pissed off at her friends, she doesn't mean to hurt them. A part of growing up is learning how to communicate with the people you love. But she's so sweet and loving. You can really tell this in some of the mose heart-warming episodes like "Friends For Life," "Friends At Play," and "Love Is All You Need." She and her friends have situations, but they always get solved with Bear's help and some very comforting words from Ojo.
    I know - I know! It's weird for an 18-year-old to watch this, but if there're people out there that want to make fun of me for it, they can go ahead and poke! I just hope they know what they're getting themselves into. They don't listen to the message of Bear in the Big Blue House, so they'll end up flipping burgers at McDonald's. Then they'll get fired for burning the burgers.

    I love Bear in the Big Blue House!!!
  • Bear is a great show for the kids (and possibly parents)

    Yeah, I admit, I still watch Bear on occasion. Its just a really cute show. It's a Jim Henson show, which gives me more reason to watch it. Bear is a great show that is perfect for children. Its got really cute characters and great music. Bear is just a great, loveable character. Ok, I wouldn't actually go out and buy the merchandise, but I still enjoy the fun of Bear in the Big Blue House. It's a great fun show for kids to interact along with (by interaction I mean Bear complimenting your smell, and facing the camera and talking to the veiwers). So, I give this show thumbs up!
  • What can I say? It's a good show for kids

    It's an ok show which I loved a few years ago. It's about a Bear living in a house with all his friends, yeah it sounds cheesy but it is great for kids to watch. It teaches things to them and helps them overcome things as well, so there is something good about the kids shows after all. To entertain children. At least it's educational!
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