Bear in the Big Blue House

Weekdays 6:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 20, 1997 Between Seasons


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  • I still watch this, and I'm almost 19!

    I've been watching this show since I was eleven years old. I know it's weird for someone my age, but I don't really give two craps. This show inspired me.
    Before I started watching this show, I was lonely. I had friends, but I never knew how to communicate around them. I was too shy, too unsure, and I never really realized how beautiful friendships are.
    One specific character taught me these things. Besides Bear, Ojo also helped me. When I first started watching the show, Ojo was the first to wake me up and make me smell the coffee. For one thing, she's a girl, like me. For another, she's so kind and sweet. Even though she sometimes gets pissed off at her friends, she doesn't mean to hurt them. A part of growing up is learning how to communicate with the people you love. But she's so sweet and loving. You can really tell this in some of the mose heart-warming episodes like "Friends For Life," "Friends At Play," and "Love Is All You Need." She and her friends have situations, but they always get solved with Bear's help and some very comforting words from Ojo.
    I know - I know! It's weird for an 18-year-old to watch this, but if there're people out there that want to make fun of me for it, they can go ahead and poke! I just hope they know what they're getting themselves into. They don't listen to the message of Bear in the Big Blue House, so they'll end up flipping burgers at McDonald's. Then they'll get fired for burning the burgers.

    I love Bear in the Big Blue House!!!
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