Bear in the Big Blue House

Weekdays 6:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 20, 1997 Between Seasons


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  • Awwwwwwww!!! This show is precious!

    I have only watched a few of the episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House, but I absolutely love it. I think it's one of the cutest shows in the world. The characters are sweet and adorable. I can't believe how cute and cuddly they look. I could just hug them!!!
    There's the main man himself, Bear. LOL! He takes care of all the little ones and is very kind and gentle.
    There's the two little otters, Pip and Pop, and they're always doing everything together. I love those two. "We love everything!" LOL!
    There's Treelo, that cute little lemur. He's so friendly and adorable, and he's always ready to play.
    There's Tutter the mouse. He's a very hard-working kid and so young. He can get a little upset when he's working and things don't go his way. Still, he's got a warm heart.
    Then, there's Ojo, my favorite character. Aww, she's so cute and sweet. Sometimes, she gets angry with her friends, but she doesn't mean to. She's got a heart of gold.
    I love all the characters in this show, and you can learn a lot from watching it, such as friendship, love, and cooperation. This show is so cute! LOL!