Bear in the Big Blue House

Weekdays 6:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 20, 1997 Between Seasons


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  • perfect for duvet days...

    Okay. So I'm not the target audience, but as soon as I hear Bear welcome me to his Big Blue house with that cheery song I'm hooked. It's like that warm tummy tickle you got as a child eating buttered toast watching Children's hour when you got home from school.
    Unlike the tiresome purple Barney singing shows this has class, humour and great tunes. I like it when Bear sniffs the air and tells us we smell good- you don't get that with so-called adult shows.
    I think that the makers are the Jim Henson workshop and this shines through. They really know how to bring these characters to life and you forget that there are hands in puppets and men in bear suits.