Bear in the Big Blue House

Weekdays 6:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 20, 1997 Between Seasons


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  • A show that teaches kids life lessons, I think.

    The only reason I gave this show a ratong of 5 is this, the show may be stupid, and a little creepy, but it deos teach kids something. It is better than some of the shows on tv and Im proud to say, that when i was alittle kid( about 1, when i didn't know what good tevevision was) i watyched this show. Granted it did scary me a little, I mean, how could a talking moon not. But now, I know what is good or not and this show is definatly not. It about a bear(duh) and a bunch of other puppet things that live in a, bet you can guesse it, a big blue house. And at the end of every episode, the bear sings with the moon. One of the characters is a shadow. How does a smart person play with a shadow, I don't know. But then again, who said the bear was smart. Just look at his name, Bear. Real creative.That is my review. Thabks for reading it.