Bear in the Big Blue House

Weekdays 6:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 20, 1997 Between Seasons


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  • One of the best Jim Henson shows since the classic ones where made.

    Ever since Jim Henson died, there hasn't been much great stuff by the Jim Henson company but then 'Bear in the Big Blue House' was made and I think it's a masterpeice. Just like 'Sesame Street', it's alot of fun for the kids to watch and when you are older, you still love it since it's a pretty funny series sometimes and it's got alot of good songs just like 'Sesame Street' always has. This series is kind of simular to 'Sesame Street' how it has a bunch of good songs, teaches kids important lessons and such but I still feel like this is a very original series. In each episode, Bear teaches about stuff and the kids learn about more stuff that relates to the subject as you get to see what all of Bear's friends are doing and such. Another fun thing about 'Bear in the Big Blue House' is that in each episode, Bear's friend, Shadow has a shadow puppet show play which plays out different nersery rhyme songs and to help make it more original and enjoyable, they add in something to make it funny or funnier. It's cute how each episode ends with Bear telling Luna about what everyone did in the episode and then they sing their good-bye song which is a beautiful song. I defenitly don't think that the Jim Henson company can ever make any other new show for kids that can top 'Bear in the Big Blue House'.