Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 5

Rockin' Rocko

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Sep 20, 2002 on Disney Channel



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    • Bear, Pip and Pop, Treelo, Tutter and Ojo: (singing) Make it easy on yourself / Take it easy on everyone else / And if you do / In time the whole world's gonna see / What a good friend you could be.

    • Rocko: Just having some fun, right guys?
      Tutter: Well, actually, no! No no no no no and no!

    • Rocko: This is gonna be great. It's just a little game I just made up called "Grilling Mr. Cheese."

    • Female Bunny: Hey, man, those flowers are so beautiful!
      Male Bunny: Yeah, baby. They're really groovy.
      Rocko: (blows raspberry) Who says "groovy" anymore?

    • Tutter: So, why is this game called "William, Don't Tell?"
      Ojo: Oh, I'm not so sure about this.
      Pip and Pop: Yeah, us neither.
      Rocko: Oh, come on. Don't be such goodie-goodies.

    • Lois: Press one for a listing of today's movies.
      Bear: (stares at his rotary telephone) Oh, um, I can't press one. I don't have any buttons.
      Lois: Hold and an operator will be right with you. La la la...

    • Bear: Yes, the Otter Pond.
      Rocko: Whoa, cool digs.
      Pip and Pop: Digs?
      Rocko: Yeah, you know. Like a crib.
      Pip: Oh no, Rocko. We sleep in regular big otter beds now.

    • Bear: Say, is that a new shirt you're wearing, because ahhh, you smell fresh. Like that, ahhh, fresh new smell that fresh new shirts have. Well, maybe you just smell this good all the time.

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  • Allusions

    • When telling Bear about the movie "Hare," Lois actually tells him that Roger Ebert says that it captures an important moment in bunny culture and goes on to say that he gives it a "great big wing up." Roger Ebert is an actual film critic who is known for rating movies using either thumbs-up or thumbs-down. He worked with Gene Siskel before his passing and now works with Richard Roeper.

    • The name of the game that Rocko suggests in this episode, "William, Don't Tell" is a reference to the Swiss hero William Tell who was the reference for the famous "William Tell Overture." The title of the movie that Bear takes the gang to see in this episode, Hare, is a spoof on the title of the hit Broadway musical, Hair.