Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 3 Episode 4

The Senseless Detectives

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Jul 19, 1999 on Disney Channel
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The Senseless Detectives
Bear is busy doing some cooking --- he's making his annual batch of cookies for everyone in Woodland Valley. As he starts to bake the cookies, he gets a call from Ojo and Tutter. They're pretending to be Big Blue House detectives, but they feel that they've solved all the mysteries in the Big Blue House, or perhaps even the world. Bear gives them a new challenge by using dishtowels to blindfold them so that they can play one of his favorite games --- "What is It?" Using senses other than sight, he first has them identify a flower and then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Later, they find an actual mystery to solve when Treelo reports that his "banananana" is missing. With Bear's help, the senses of touch and smell are used to track down the stinky, squishy old banana. When the cookies are finally finished, the kids decide to cover up all their senses except taste in an attempt to get Bear to give them some cookies. He quickly ends the game --- he was planning to share the cookies with them anyway. They all end up sharing the cookies together outside, as Pip and Pop express their appreciation for all the wonderful sounds, sights and smells of nature. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In her twist on the story, the Granny is a doctor.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This episode features the song "Making Sense of Your World," which is Track 3 on the album "More Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House."

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Luna: How was your day in the Big Blue House?
        Bear: "Sense-sational." We spent the day exploring our senses.

      • Tutter: I don't hear anything but frogs and birds and wind.
        Pip and Pop: Yeah. Isn't it wonderful?

      • Bear: Uh, what is this all about?
        Tutter: Oh! Well, Bear, for our next feat of detecting, we will solve a mystery without using any of our senses except our sense of taste.

      • Bear: Well, Shadow, I was wondering...
        Shadow: If I had a story to tell you today?
        Bear: Yes. How did you know?
        Shadow: Well, we shadows have a sixth sense about these things. And I've got a great story for you today. Just watch.

      • Bear: You can play "What is It?" too. Mm-hmm. Just make sure to get a grownup to play with you. Oh, and remember, it's best to play "What is It?" using your senses. Yeah. Senses. Mm-hmm. Senses. You have five senses.

      • Bear: I bet I know what you two are playing.
        Ojo: That's right, Bear. It's detective Ojo
        Tutter: and Tutter le mouse ---
        Tutter and Ojo: Big Blue House detectives!

      • Bear: I bet you know what these are. That's right. Cookies. Well, cookies that aren't cooked yet. Oatmeal, raisin and honey cookie dough. Mm-hmm. I'm making my annual batch for everybody in Woodland Valley.

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