Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 19

The View From You

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Apr 24, 2006 on Disney Channel



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    • Bear: Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks for visiting the Big Blue House. And the way I see it, you are the best. See ya' soon.

    • Luna: You know, Bear, I can see a lot from up here, high in the sky, and one thing I can tell you is that everyone's point of view is different and interesting. It's what makes them who they are.
      Bear: Hmm, I guess that's sort of the moon's eye view of things.
      Luna: Mmm, that's right, Bear.

    • Tutter: From my point of view, Bear's refrigerator is a huge mountain and all the way at the top, so close and yet so far, a piece of... cheddar.

    • Shadow: The way I see it, there's always a wonderful story to tell. Just watch.

    • Bear: But, Tutter, this assignment you told me about. Doesn't it have to be more about you and your point of view?
      Tutter: But --- but, Bear, I just see things in a boring old Tutter way. Huh. At least Mouse on Mars would have been exciting. Mouse on Mars is officially cancelled!!

    • Bear: Um, Tutter, what's with the spaceship?
      Tutter: Oh, well, Bear, my film is an action-packed adventure about the first mouse on Mars and its called, get this --- Mouse on Mars. Catchy title, huh?
      Bear: Uh, sure.
      Tutter: It's going to be an absolutely realistic drama about a group of mice and their adventures on Mars.

    • Bear: May we look at your work, Treelo?
      Treelo: Of course. Treelo paintings for everybody.

    • Bear: Have you ever thought about your point of view? Point of view. Yeah. Well, a point of view is the way you see things and everybody sees things differently.

    • Tutter: When I look at this fruit bowl, I see a bowl of fruit. No matter how I look at it, that's what I see --- bowl of fruit.

    • Miss Maxwell: See, everyone has a different and interesting way of seeing things. That's called point of view.
      Tutter: I don't get it. It's a bowl of fruit, right?
      Luke: Shh.

  • Notes

    • This is the first of a set of eight episodes shown from April 24-28, 2006. These episodes were produced for the fourth season, but are not airing on Playhouse Disney until now, well over two years after new episodes of the show originally stopped airing. It was long rumored that these episodes may eventually appear, as there were gaps in the known production numbers. These episodes have previously appeared in some foreign markets.

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