Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 26

This Is Your Life, Bear

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Apr 28, 2006 on Disney Channel



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    • Bear: Oh, by the way, I hope I've been one of the nicest parts of your life because you are one of the nicest parts of mine. I'll see you back at the Big Blue House. Bye.

    • Luna: One life touches many others, Bear. We should make sure that each life we touch, we touch in as a positive a way as we can. Bear: That's a really good point, Luna. In fact, that may be the most important thing of all. Luna: Oh, speaking of which, I'd better be getting back up in the night sky. The Earth needs my light. Bear: Well, Luna, before you go, will you sing the Goodbye Song with us, one more time? Luna: You know I'd love to, Bear.

    • Kids, Jack, Doc Hogg and Lois: (singing) And we say thank you, thank you, Bear / 'Cause you're the one who's always there / For all the joy and love we get to share / Thank you, Bear / Thank you, Bear.

    • Pop: Hey. Bear. ("Bear" appears on-screen.) Pip: I didn't know you could do that, Pop. Pop: There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me.

    • Ojo: Oh my. It sounds like he was upset.
      Pip and Pop: Whoa. Bear never gets upset.

    • Bear: I won! I won! Ha ha. I don't think I've ever won anything before. This is so exciting!

    • Pip and Pop: Well, we wanted to know ---
      Pip: When the garbage collectors come to get the trash, do they just take the bag,
      Pop: or do they leave a totally new can too?
      Bear: That's what you wanted to know?
      Pip and Pop: Mmm, yeah.
      Bear: Okay. Well, when the garbage collector comes, they take the bag and leave the can.

    • Bear: Huh. A contest and you win a vacation. With five friends. I could take everybody from the Big Blue House. Oh, a vacation would be great. And I do know my Cha-Cha Records.

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