Bear in the Big Blue House

Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome To Woodland Valley (1)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Sep 09, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • We finally get to see all of Woodland Valley!

    I very much enjoyed this episode. Seeing a lot more of Woodland Valley was very interesting. I was also amazed at how much Pip, Pop, Treelo, Tutter, and especiall Ojo, have matured since the last season. It's been a long break between seasons, so they grew up a lot, especially Ojo.

    I was so shocked when I saw what had happened to the library. It was heartbreaking to see the tree right through the window. When I saw the look on Ojo's face and how she reacted to the mess, I saw how disasterous it was. But I loved that Bear invited the whole town over for a meeting to help fix up the library. I also loved how everyone pitched in by gathering books from people.

    When Ojo sat in the living room, feeling vey depressed and worried, I cried so much. I cried even more when Bear comforted her and sang to her. It was so sweet and moving.

    If only this whole world could be like Woodland Valley.
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