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    This was one of my favorite western series from 1971. It wasn't the best written series, but it was always fun and enjoyable. And that replica Stutz Bearcat was beautiful! The series certainly deserved at least one full season. If any other fans would like to see these rare episodes again, I have all 13 episodes. You can contact me at:

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    The series was kind of Wild, Wild West meets The Rat Patrol. You had two adventurers taking on difficult missions (a la WWW) and usuallyending up having to shoot their way out of the situation (a la Rat Patrol). Some of the scripts were a bit farcical and character development was never the show's strong point but it was entertaining enough and there was always plenty of action. Perhaps it deserved a full season but the network didn't think so because Bearcats finished third in its timeslot after a pretty big build-up.
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