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FOX (ended 2000)


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Beast Machines is a continuation of Beast Wars. Fugitives on their own world, the Maximals have to retake Cybertron from Megatron and his army of drones, while adjusting to their new technorganic bodies. The new series opens as Optimus, Cheetor, Black Arachnia and Rattrap discover themselves suddenly back on the Transformer homeworld of Cybertron - with no memory of how they got there. Instead of a hero's welcome for winning the Beast Wars, our heroes are hunted by a mysterious new breed of Transformers - the Vehicons. These vicious machines enforce the will of Megatron, who has returned with a vengeance. Megatron has wrestled possesion of Cybertron, leaving Optimus and his team constantly under fire and on the run. Forced underground, the Maximals undergo a strange reformatting that not only alters their Beast/Robot bodies, but the very essence of HOW they transform. No longer an instantaneous response, transformation is now a disciplined skill that must be learned and refined like a martial art. The Maximals face their greatest challenges as they struggle to free their planet from Megatron and his Vehicons.

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  • I am transformed!!!

    Sadly this show was not received well. When in all reality is was probably too advance for most viewers. The show had a deeply spiritual aspect to it and essentially closes the Transformers universe. The entire story is about merging biological and technological forms into one organism while also addressing the notion that evil cannot exist with good and vice versa.

    I have watched it three time from beginning to end and each time i notice more and more in depth underlying aspects that continue to surprise and amaze me.moreless
  • This series was one completely differen't from the others of the same type more supernatural....

    great to see old rattrap,biggest upset is that rhinox went bad its hard to watch other than that it was great ...nightscream rocked...the new transformations really good... many hate this series i don't it was a way to see all the greats again i grew up with beast wars not g1 so this was my fourth season ..the other thing that they lost the beast wars at the last few seconds was megatron jumping through time is bad..waspinator as a motorcycle was cool but he didn't act the same and he only showed through once big upset...try to see i enjoyed so maybe ... better than energon and armadamoreless
  • The only reason I sort-of liked this show was because it was a sequel to the Transformers. Otherwise there's nothing to watch.

    Beast Wars, the sequel to Beast Machines, takes the story further when the Transformers crash land on an alien planet stuffed to the throat with raw energon, the thing they're all fighting for. In any case, the concentration of energon is so high on this new planet that the transformers take on new animal forms to protect themselves from the environment... and hence, Beast Machines, and later Beast Wars in born. Though the setting and the animation and everything were superb as usual, I still didn't think much had changed in the way of storyline. Plot development throughout the series was mostly linear, and not all that entertaining. All in all, this will be enjoyable by only veteran Transformers fans.moreless
  • Enjoyed it immensely, was great allround with just a minor set back.

    I thought the show was really wonderful, it carried on from the Beast Wars but gave it a whole new angle to work from. The animation was a lot better then its predecessor being more detailed and a lot my visually stimulating. The story plot was great throughout the series, tiring the plot with the old show was great I thought. The brining back of characters was really good, not as good as its predecessor as it kept the story going with the change of characters every few episodes where as this was constant same characters.

    The only downfall I found with the show was that the Maximals didn't transform, they just changed completely.moreless
  • This show allowed it's viewers to see what happens in the next step of Transformer evolution, which occurs after the series Beast Wars.

    I think many people don't/didn't and probably will never understand this show, but I'd like to think that I I'll try to review it the best way I can.

    Beast Machines shows viewers the next step in Transformer evolution, where the only way the species is able to survive is a happy medium of a technological and biological mix. Many Tranformers fans thought of this as 'blasphemy' to the essence of what Transformers represents. I however, as an original viewer AND a lover of the Beast Wars series found this show great. It's the perfect getaway from an all-robot show and a 'natural' progression of what I do consider/think to be necessary for these beings to evolve and survive. As human beings, we're slowly evolving toward the technological - and though we're only talking about a show here, I think it's only logical that technological beings evolve toward the biological. The show however wasn't well received for 2 reasons - 1. kids didn't understand it. That is, the audience to which the show was marketed simply didn't understand the show, as it is a bit on the complex end. 2. fans didn't respect it. As I mentioned before, most TF fans want robots made of metal.

    All in all, I believed it to be a great show and there are many like me who would have loved Hasbro to keep the series going, however we're a niche market - a tiny nook into the audience required to keep this sort of endeavor going. I'd highly suggest those of you who have recently gotten 'into' TF to sit down and watch Beast Wars and then Beast Machines, especially if you're a little more open minded to the TF universe. As for those who are hardcore "TF are machines! fans" - I'd suggest to re-evaluate these series. Watch Beast Wars, take it in, enjoy it and then move on to Beast Machines. You may feel differently.moreless

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