Beast Machines

Season 2 Episode 6

Home Soil

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Mar 15, 2000 on FOX
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Home Soil
An unknown spaceship crashes down on Cybertron, and it's a race between the Maximals and Thrust to see who gets there first.

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  • A transforming Plant?!

    It was hard enough for fans to accept their favorite vehicle-based characters reborn as animals. It became even harder a few episodes ago when we met a Transformer who was nothing but animal. Putting a character like Botanica (with the form of a "sentient plant") in the show outraged fans to no end, and is just one example of why Beast Machines is often considered the least popular Transformers series.
  • An interesting departure from the norm

    Given the vast numbers of alien life forms of an infinite vairety of species we've seen in assorted Transformers shows, and accedpting the basic premise is that we're dealing with a species of sentient electronics, I never really had a problem with the notion of a plant-based Transformer. It was odd, but given that we're told the dominant life forms on the planet Botanica was visiting were plant based, it seemed fair enough. (Just think of it as the planet that "Little Shop of Horrors" Audrey 2 might have originated on :) )

    There's quite a nice creepy atmosphere to this episode as the Maximals stalk an unknown monster through the overgrown halls of a spacecraft. Also nice to see some tension remains in the ranks of the Maximals after recent events, though Silverbolt the Samurai Turkey becomes a bit annoying after a while (as is his wont). His beast mode really isn't designed for walking around effectively.

    Botanica instantly fixing the plants problems is a trifle over-convenient, and these have to be the single most reactive plants in the universe, visibly wilting or instantly reviving at the drop of a plot-point.

    Oh, and the transformation of Megatron into a destructive gunship was more than a little cool and it's a genuine shame we never got to see that model do it again. He IS supposed to be a Transformer after all. As ever Mainframe's animation never fails to impress.

    I don't mean to be an apologist for Beast Machines, I just think it gets judged unduly harshly. Myself, I'd watch almost any episode of it over anything from "Robots in Disguise" or "Armada". Botanica wasn't perfect, but she made for a refreshing change from another attempt to shoehorn old Gen 1 names into a new show.moreless

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