Beast Machines

Season 1 Episode 2

Master of the House

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 25, 1999 on FOX
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Master of the House
The Maximals split up and go in search of a new base when a mole-drone interrupts their much needed training. But Blackarachnia drags Cheetor along to investigate the surface instead and discovers that Cybertron's archives have been erased. After having to fend off another drone attack, the four Maximals make their way towards the Council Chambers to find out who's running things.moreless

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  • The Maximals learn to transform except Rattrap and head upstairs to find other Transformers, only to find no one is around other than the Vehicons and a certain Predacon hiding in the council citadel. A very exciting episode.moreless

    The second episode improves from the first with Cheetor and Blackarachnia transforming, while Rattrap still is in beast mode. Blackarachnia also has the honour of being the first Transformer with proper hair (not including the moustaches and goattees owned by some G1 characters). Cheetor has weird legs. Cheetor and Blackarachnia head up top to find allies, only to find the population of Cybertropolis absent and the Cybertron Infocore (presumably the Internet) erased. The Maximals fight some more Vehicons and head to the council citadel. Optimus heads inside and is reunited with Megatron, who has a dark and fantastic reintroduction. Megs claims he won the Beast Wars and reveals he "purged" Cybertron of all life. Gee, that was clever. Optimus and Megatron have a shouting match, Megatron seemingly winning when Optimus is dragged away by the Maximals. Although the plot is a little hollow in some places, Megatron's return is the best moment - although his new form could do with some vast improvements. Optimus role as leader begins to sway here, as it does for the rest of the seson. And Cheetor is ridiculously adorable in beast mode, particularly when he hops out of the manhole.moreless

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