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  • not as great as beast wars but still satisfying

    This show i didnt get to keep up with i never really
    was happy that they ended beast wars but now the crew(autobots,decipticons) were on cybertron they we like getting chased by the law on cybertron as well as fighting with each other so i didnt like it as much but still an excellent show
  • It's not the most engaging show of the series, and it doesn't quite live up to the previous Transformers series, but it's a decent enough action show nonetheless.

    Coming off of the almost always entertaining Beast Wars, Beast Machines just didn't quite match up to previous Transformers efforts. While the decision to change the characters' transformations to morphings instead of the old school method was an odd decision (that actually turned a lot of fans off to the show if memory serves), if you can look past it, there is an overall entertaining show underneath. While not incredible by any stretch of the imagination, Beast Machines is a serviceable action cartoon that gets the job done. Admittedly, I was not able to catch the entire series (I think I missed most of the last episodes), so I can't comment on how well the storylines were wrapped up or anything like that. On the other hand, for what I remember of the show, it was fun enough at the time despite being nothing truly spectacular.
  • Excellent on it's own, but a disappointment after Beast Wars.

    Beast Machines was the follow-on series of the highly successful Beast Wars, and it was a good show when taken into it's own context. However, as a sequel, it left a little to be desired. The show suffered from a number of problems, which fans will argue over for years, but most will agree that it was the writers
    unfamiliarity with what came before that hurt it the most. Knowledge of the characters is crucial for the success of any sequel, especially one that continues the adventures of previous introduced characters, and while the writers had done exellent work in other fields, their lack of knowledge of the characters ultimately hurt more than helped. It's unfortunate that Skir and Isenburg, who had done excellent work in other series, are reviled in the Transformers community, while Foreward and DiTillio are praised.
  • Not as Good as Beast Wars but...

    Not as Good as Beast Wars but, this serie, show us a continuation to the Classic Beast Wars, the story was a bit unoriginal, but cybertron finnally shown for all of us.

    This series had some mystery, surprises and comedy, but Beast Wars was better, well i think that no continuation, or "Nº2", can be better then the original on ANY SERIE, always the first one is better.
  • The culmination of the first Transformers continuity.

    I think this is one of the better Transformers series out there. It's on par with Beast Wars in my mind and also a step ahead of G1 itself. Each episode (at least in the second season) had a "to be continued" sense to it, that you must watch the next one.

    As for storyline, some criticise it for having a lot of emphasis on organics, something not originally thought to be associated with Cybertron. Though it's different, it's not impossible either. Some may think the Transformers homeworld being half organic is just wrong or unthinkable, but in a previous Transformers continuity seen overseas, Cybertron was destroyed. Had that been aired for all the world to see, you might think differently on the matter. As it were, Cybertron evolves into different states, another golden age wouldn't be improbable either.

    Few ever consider that also, Bob Skir, had the first Transformers series here, that had been preceeded by 2 previous TF series that tie into this one. It's often looked past, that he had to put aside some of his ideas to acknowledge aspects from another series. I mean, the original Transformers series set some of the ground rules, Beast Wars followed up, did extremely well following those and coming up with some of it's own, Beast Machines, in it's limited run, had to follow up on those, and didn't have the same amount of time to do nearly so much.

    Overall, this was a fine series. I just hope someday, the door will open again to this Transformers continuity so that we may have another follow-up.
  • if the original maximals and predacons of the planet cybertron look like they're ancestral beings, then they should have never even bothered to keep the "animal" part of them.

    needs fine tuning...needs alot of fine tuning...

    this show was nothing like i suspected when i first watched it back in 1999, i pretty much knew the story before it...well, the basis for it at the planet would turn on the maximal's safe return...something like that...but seriously...the semi-animal suits? really...i know the creators were probably trying to create transmetal 2 like "beast modes" like they did for cheetor in beast wars but dang, they looked really bad...especially cheetor's and rattrap's robot mode...

    in beast wars, cheetor went from a regular bot to a cheetah/bot to a transmetal cheetah/bot to a transmetal mutated version...come on!

    rattrap started out as a bot, became a rat and became a metal rat with wheels...

    they're new robot forms in this show were were just really bad...i'm sorry...
    they wanted to keep the fact that rattrap had wheels...but as LEGS!?!?!?
    cheetor was exposed as more of a cheetah than robot with his super speed
    optimus...lots of problems with optimus
    all the maximals had problems...

    and " i am transformed" to transform? wtf?

    i'm sorry but i have to side with megatron in this series...i was a supporter of the maximals in beast wars but here i'm a supporter of megatron and his vehicons...the vehicons at least they looked like the original transformers...why? because they were vehicles!!!

    not some f'up half animal...

    at the end of beast wars...optimus barely had a beast mode....he did have one and i know he used it quite a few times...but he was still mainly in vehicle mode

    even though megatron did have a "beast" mode at the beginning of the series...he was able to not look like one until he actually did transform back into the dragon

    anyways...sorry for the ranting...but yea...this show needed a lot of fine tuning...

  • I don't hate it but the definatly needed to keep the old writeres. Bob Skir definatly destroyed it's potential of being a great show and disapointed alot of huge BW fanatics like myself.

    I didnt really like BM cuz they totally butchered the BW characters. Blackarachnia turns from the bad ass to a goody goody, rattrap from the spy to a wimp, cheetor from the youth to the leader..... optimus from a great leader to a babbling guru, and silverbolt from noble night to well...a jerk. Every voice actor from Beast Wars has hated beast machines cause it destroyed the characters they played and worked so hard on for 3 years. I dont absolutly hate BM but I LOVE beast wars and there is no comparison between the 2.
  • Optimus primkal and his archfoe megatron duke it out for the last time in this final sequel to the transformers show

    After the incredible twists and turns of beast wars this did sort of become a letdown but nevertheless it is a must see for all transformer and especially beast wars fans. It contains the conclusion to the war between the two factions and the ultimate fate of cybertron.
    A great show
  • Slick animation, somewhat of an unconventional story makes Beast Machines a unique transformers series.

    A lot of people are dissing this show but it wasn\'t as bad as they say. Beast Wars didn\'t really break any ground until mid second season. This one started from the beggining. We got to see a phylosofical side of Megatron never seen before instead of the usual plan-failling-villian we are used to. He was the baddest version of Megatron ever(on the first season).I think a great show but I admit I was worried on wich direction they were taking it. Cybertron organic? Megatron a roaming spark?
  • A little less than equal to Beast Wars. The storyline started falling.

    The story of a show is the most important part of the show. If a show lacks in a story but has great acting, animation, effects, etc. then it will not succeed. Beast Wars had a great storyline. Beast Machines storyline lacked what Beast Wars had. It was interesting but not anywhere near Beast Wars. The animation was good but the look of the characters either grow on you or not. It is still a show that Transformer Fans should check out, because it is a direct continuation of Beast Wars.

  • Different, but not necessarily bad.

    This show was not well-received by die-hard Transformers fans. I personally think that Beast Machines needs to be viewed as a show separate from the well-loved Beast Wars/Beasties. The animation was slick and cutting-edge, and although the show did replace the slapstick humour of BW in favour of a darker theme, it was still highly enjoyable and entertaining.
  • My Favourite TF series

    The seqaul to the really popular Beast wars. Beast machines is my Fav TF series of all, its more darker, More vicious and alot more sentimental stuff in this. I really am pleased about this, Except I feel really bad about Rhinox becoming tankor, and I really hate Nightscream!

    Beast machines is a really awsome show and its worth seeing for all transformers fans
  • A disappointing end to the G1 saga

    I loved the original Transformers series. While it had its flaws I still found it extremely enjoyable, and was terribly upset when it ended. I was happy when they decided to continue it with Beast Wars, although admittedly that got some getting used to, with the CGI and the fact that everyone had a beast form as opposed to the mechanical forms I was used to. But I got past that and really came to love that show as well. Then came Beast Machines, a show with limitless promise that simply failed to deliver. I thought that with Megatron's machines vs the Maximal beasts there might finally be the mix that I always enjoyed in G1. But then Megatron only made three different molds. And Megatron himself, who had a great transformation, rarely transformed at all. I hoped that there might be some true Vehicon combiners, in the vein of Devastator or Menasor, but that wasn't to happen. I could accept some of the new forms of the Maximals, but Rattrap wound up looking ridiculous and Botanica had to have the worst alt-mode ever. They completely misinterpreted the Key to Vector Sigma and should have found some way to incorporate some G1 characters into the mix. They also became almost cult-like with the whole "organics are good" mentality. Having the series end with Cybertron being turned into an organic paradise made little sense to me, and really didn't give the great G1 storyline a worthy ending.

    Plus the fact that Megatron simply went back in time again and won the Beast Wars by himself pretty much rendered the entire 3-season run of Beast Wars meaningless.

    Very, very disappointing end. Left so many questions unanswered in the G1 universe, and at the same time left me not wanting a sequel.
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    This show rocked! Not only did it bring back the same characters, but the voice actors too! The evolution of the characters was heartwrenching, cool, believable and natural. It's a crime that we did not get to see where this show would have lead. There was such amazing potential. It's just a crime.
  • The end of the transformers saga

    I dout I would have enjoyed this as much if I had seen the other shows. But having seen them I must say this was an exelent way to end the conflict between Optimus primal and Megatron. In this series the transformers return to cybertron only to find out that megatron arived before them and they are now obsolute. With the only option of mastering thier new transformations the group must defeat megatron. In this one we have Optimus, Cheedar, Black arichnia, Rattrap and Night scream. All of whom have to master thier animal to machine transformations. The ending that settles it was the best
  • Beast Machines was a sequal or continuation of the awesome show Beast Wars. It brings back the characters Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap, Blackarachnia, Silerbolt, Rhinox (Tankor) and of course the villain Megatron. Oh! and how could I forget Waspinator

    I don't understand why so many people bad mouthed Beast Machines so much in the beginning. Sure it's different, but that's the best part! Beast Wars set the stage and the characters. Beast Machines went further and asked the question: How would the characters react in this situation? I think that's the best part of Beast Machines, the character changes. If everyone had stayed the same it would have been another Beast Wars just with a different title. not only that, but the characters changes are believable and understandable. (Rattrap comes to mind)

    Over all, exellent show.

  • The best transformers series ever

    I must admit I'm not such a big fan of any on the Transformers series, execpt this one and Beast Wars. I realyl think that the old transfromers (the ones that changed into vehicels) were rather poorly drawn, looked a bit flabby and slow and didn't have such a good character build.
    This one however, corrects just those mystakes. It has super cool chacters, each with its qualities, dominant characteristic and defects, good action, better graphics and I like the animal-froms better than the vehicle forms.
    Also, the plot is cooler if you ask me (no more humans to get in the way) and, not to mention the armies of vehicons, which are REALLY great made. The ending seemed a bit...too much, but overall, the best transformers series ever.
  • The follow-up series to the popular Beast Wars series.

    When discussing this show among Beast Wars fan, a mixed reaction is recieved. I myself fall in the group who neither hate it nor love it.

    The show took place with Optimus Primal and his Maximal crew returning back to Cybertron with a captive Megatron. During the trip, Megatron manages to escape into space. When the Maximals reach Cybertron, their ship is shot down and they become fugitives. The premise is very interesting, but it is not what many wanted, especially when it was revealed Megatron maganged to get to Cybertron before them and conquer it. The rest of the series deals with them trying to find out what happened to them as well as their other missing comrades.

    The series ruined the characters of Beast Wars. Primal, who at the end of Beast Wars was almost as great a leader as Prime, became a worn out leader with outdated ideals. Blackarachnia lost her edgy personality. Cheetor became more of an adult which fit how he grew in Beast Wars. Rattrap was more or less the same, but less amusing. My greatest gripe was Rhinox. He was my favorite character and he was reduced to the mindless brute, Tankor. Silverbolt was eventually saved lost his noble and chivalrous nature, becoming more of a rebel (somewhat like Depth Charge was in Beast Wars), which could not have been far from his character. Nightscream, a new maximal, was like a young Cheetor except far more annoying and brash. Megatron was pretty much the same, but was very underused.

    The series had much potential to be as great s Beast Wars, but suffered from poor writing that led to an early end of the series. It\'s a shame that the poor success of this series ended the possibility of the Transtech series, which had potential to be great due to the inclusion of deceased characters (like Dinobot) and G1 characters (like Prime and Shockwave).
  • Continued where Beast Wars left off but lost its way. Could have been better.

    After greatly enjoying Beast Wars, I had high hopes for the next series, Beast Machines. With many familiar faces, I started off enjoying this series. It definitely was different from Beast Wars but different doesn't always have to mean bad, but in this case, it didn't really mean great either.

    It was interesting not understanding all that had happened between BW's end and BM's beginning so that part worked for a while. But soon the series started to head down the wrong path. It started to lose the "spark" (no pun intended) of the all the other TF series. While it wasn't great, it still managed to entertain, so I continued to follow it. By the end, I was glad to see how it everything worked out out, but was disappointed when the direction the series went and the way everything was wrapped up.

    It had nice references to G1 and BW but when it told its own story, it was lacking. If you enjoy TF, then it won't be a total waste of time, but don't be surprised if you are a little disappointed overall.
  • The Beast Wars are over and...What happened?

    After just narrowly escaping the Beast Wars, the Maximals thought they would get some R and R on Cybertron (Not to mention rid themselves of their prisioner, Megatron), but things are not as they expected; all the transformers have had their sparks removed, a race of mindless drones, known as the Vehicons, have dominated the planet, Rhinox and Silverbolt have gone M.I.A., and Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Blackarachnia have reverted to their original beast modes, can\'t transform, and are slowly dying, and they have no idea How The Hell It Happened! And somehow, Megatron is 90% responsible for it. Now the Maximals must form a connection with the Oracle, or Cybertron is doomed.

    It was a series that could have been better, and deserved at least three seasons. I saw the entire first season, but I missed a couple of episodes in \"Battle for the Spark.\" I saw the finale, which was decent (they ruined it with a contridiction; Waspinator was supposed to be on Earth). I did like the series because every episode filled in pieces to the puzzle, the two new Maximals, and Silverbolt comes back (sadly, Rhinox returns, but is tainted by Megatron, and decides to stay evil, then dies). I did not like the fact that the plot moved very slow, and the fact that they made Rattrap too comical, or (this really offends me) too useless. In Beast Wars, Rattrap was a demolitions expert, and except for the time he was playing a video game, He was always on task. When he finally manages to transform (for real), he does it at the most inconvienient time. Then he goes to HELP MEGATRON! But other than that, this was still better than the next few Transformers series.
  • Good but not as good as "Beast Wars"

    I liked Beast Machines, but it did not have the same thing which subtracted from what BW had. The Animation was beautiful but there was kind of a dark cellshading look on most of it and the story was good but the characters changed personalatys too much. If they got more than 26 episodes it would of been better but I got the DVD and I still watch it a lot.
  • Kept getting better.

    First of all I want to say sorry if the spelling is messed up, Always had a problen with it since i started school in 1979. I have had the pleasure of watching the transformers since it started airing in the 80's. The first searies is the best of course, because its the original. eventually giving birth to the fallowing searieses. I have been collecting for a while having every episode of the original. all but season 3 of beast wars, all of beast machines. however i have been hunting for energon and cybertron episodes. Both of wich ihave only a few episodes. I am hopeing go get a good ranking, level, whatever. I enjoy the show so much i want to shair my collection.
  • Sadly enough this show is and will always be unworthy of the Transformers saga if you look at it you will be gravely disappointed.

    What was really sad about beast machines was not only the characters and how their personalities were messed up but also there was botanica who never had a real function at all not to mention the nonsense about cybertron being a living breathing planet despite the fact that it never was at all.

    What was really sad was that many Beast Machines people never saw the original Transformers show had they done so they would have known that Beast Machines was a farce right down to its very entrappings.

    What was even more saddening was how easily it was for the characters to be destroyed, Optimus for one was a great leader and then Beast Machines happened and made him into someone who relied on the Oracle, second was Blackarachnia and here we see her and Silverbolt's relationship (which I never really cared for in the first place) turned around and she herself winds up well very two dimensional same with many of the other characters.

    It was a pity how the writers never commented or made any references to the idea that the Oracle of Cybertron could have and most likely had been corrupted didn\'t have to be a plot by Megatron either.

    I mean there were still the Quintessons not to mention the Tripred council, or someone else could have been corrupted the oracle and in turn corrupted the maximals but alas no it was not to be both because of Skir and Hasbro unfortunatly.

    The one good thing about Beast Machines was Thrust and it was even more disappointing that he turned out to be Waspinator.
  • Just as good as Beast Wars.

    Transformers has had so many shows over the years it isn't funny. But Beast Machines is one of the best and it is on par with Beast Wars.

    It was very well written. The writers continued on from the Beast Wars storyline adn did it very well. Allowing the story to evolve and become fresh and new.

    The voice actors were the same as Beast Wars, or for the most part sounded the same, and did just as good a job as they usually do.

    Overall Beast Machines show was a very good show and one that shouldn't be missed by fans.
  • The Beast Wars continue on the planet of Cybertron.

    Compared to Beast Wars, this series wasn't exactly the best, but it kept the storyline going in a different way. By the time the last of the Maximals make it Cybertron, they find out that Megatron has found a way to take over Cybertron! Armed with a God complex and a virus to get rid of Cybertron's residents. The self-proclaimed evil genius even wants to be rid of his beast form and the rest of the organic life on Cybertron!

    The Maximals soon find that they can't transform out of their beast forms and into their robot forms. Optimus finds a way to communicate with the Oracle, a form of super computer with information on Cybertron, and reformat himself and the others so that they can stop Megatron's plan. The Maximals find a secret about Cybertron, it actually has an organic core! There is also a secret behind the disappearences of the other transformers, their sparks have been placed in the bodies of Megatron's Vehicon generals. Like I said before, it may not be as good as Beast Wars but I still like it!
  • Continues where 'Beast Wars' left off but loses its way. Should have been better.

    After greatly enjoying 'Beast Wars,' I had high hopes for the next series, 'Beast Machines.' With many familiar faces, I started off enjoying this series. It definitely was different from 'Beast Wars' but different doesn't always have to mean bad, but in this case, it didn't really mean great either.

    It was interesting not understanding all that had happened between the end of 'BW' and beginning of 'BM' so that part worked for a while. But soon the series started to head down the wrong path. It started to lose the "spark" (no pun intended) of all the other 'Transformers' series. While it wasn't great, it still managed to entertain, so I continued to follow it. By the end, I was glad to see how it everything worked out, but was disappointed with the direction the series took and the way everything was wrapped up.

    It had nice references to the original G1 'TF' and 'BW' but when it told its own story, it was lacking. If you enjoy 'TF,' then it won't be a total waste of time, but don't be surprised if you are a disappointed overall.
  • This show allowed it's viewers to see what happens in the next step of Transformer evolution, which occurs after the series Beast Wars.

    I think many people don't/didn't and probably will never understand this show, but I'd like to think that I I'll try to review it the best way I can.

    Beast Machines shows viewers the next step in Transformer evolution, where the only way the species is able to survive is a happy medium of a technological and biological mix. Many Tranformers fans thought of this as 'blasphemy' to the essence of what Transformers represents. I however, as an original viewer AND a lover of the Beast Wars series found this show great. It's the perfect getaway from an all-robot show and a 'natural' progression of what I do consider/think to be necessary for these beings to evolve and survive. As human beings, we're slowly evolving toward the technological - and though we're only talking about a show here, I think it's only logical that technological beings evolve toward the biological. The show however wasn't well received for 2 reasons - 1. kids didn't understand it. That is, the audience to which the show was marketed simply didn't understand the show, as it is a bit on the complex end. 2. fans didn't respect it. As I mentioned before, most TF fans want robots made of metal.

    All in all, I believed it to be a great show and there are many like me who would have loved Hasbro to keep the series going, however we're a niche market - a tiny nook into the audience required to keep this sort of endeavor going. I'd highly suggest those of you who have recently gotten 'into' TF to sit down and watch Beast Wars and then Beast Machines, especially if you're a little more open minded to the TF universe. As for those who are hardcore "TF are machines! fans" - I'd suggest to re-evaluate these series. Watch Beast Wars, take it in, enjoy it and then move on to Beast Machines. You may feel differently.
  • Enjoyed it immensely, was great allround with just a minor set back.

    I thought the show was really wonderful, it carried on from the Beast Wars but gave it a whole new angle to work from. The animation was a lot better then its predecessor being more detailed and a lot my visually stimulating. The story plot was great throughout the series, tiring the plot with the old show was great I thought. The brining back of characters was really good, not as good as its predecessor as it kept the story going with the change of characters every few episodes where as this was constant same characters.

    The only downfall I found with the show was that the Maximals didn't transform, they just changed completely.
  • The only reason I sort-of liked this show was because it was a sequel to the Transformers. Otherwise there's nothing to watch.

    Beast Wars, the sequel to Beast Machines, takes the story further when the Transformers crash land on an alien planet stuffed to the throat with raw energon, the thing they're all fighting for. In any case, the concentration of energon is so high on this new planet that the transformers take on new animal forms to protect themselves from the environment... and hence, Beast Machines, and later Beast Wars in born. Though the setting and the animation and everything were superb as usual, I still didn't think much had changed in the way of storyline. Plot development throughout the series was mostly linear, and not all that entertaining. All in all, this will be enjoyable by only veteran Transformers fans.
  • This series was one completely differen't from the others of the same type more supernatural....

    great to see old rattrap,biggest upset is that rhinox went bad its hard to watch other than that it was great ...nightscream rocked...the new transformations really good... many hate this series i don't it was a way to see all the greats again i grew up with beast wars not g1 so this was my fourth season ..the other thing that they lost the beast wars at the last few seconds was megatron jumping through time is bad..waspinator as a motorcycle was cool but he didn't act the same and he only showed through once big upset...try to see i enjoyed so maybe ... better than energon and armada
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