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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • The follow-up series to the popular Beast Wars series.

    When discussing this show among Beast Wars fan, a mixed reaction is recieved. I myself fall in the group who neither hate it nor love it.

    The show took place with Optimus Primal and his Maximal crew returning back to Cybertron with a captive Megatron. During the trip, Megatron manages to escape into space. When the Maximals reach Cybertron, their ship is shot down and they become fugitives. The premise is very interesting, but it is not what many wanted, especially when it was revealed Megatron maganged to get to Cybertron before them and conquer it. The rest of the series deals with them trying to find out what happened to them as well as their other missing comrades.

    The series ruined the characters of Beast Wars. Primal, who at the end of Beast Wars was almost as great a leader as Prime, became a worn out leader with outdated ideals. Blackarachnia lost her edgy personality. Cheetor became more of an adult which fit how he grew in Beast Wars. Rattrap was more or less the same, but less amusing. My greatest gripe was Rhinox. He was my favorite character and he was reduced to the mindless brute, Tankor. Silverbolt was eventually saved lost his noble and chivalrous nature, becoming more of a rebel (somewhat like Depth Charge was in Beast Wars), which could not have been far from his character. Nightscream, a new maximal, was like a young Cheetor except far more annoying and brash. Megatron was pretty much the same, but was very underused.

    The series had much potential to be as great s Beast Wars, but suffered from poor writing that led to an early end of the series. It\'s a shame that the poor success of this series ended the possibility of the Transtech series, which had potential to be great due to the inclusion of deceased characters (like Dinobot) and G1 characters (like Prime and Shockwave).