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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • The Beast Wars are over and...What happened?

    After just narrowly escaping the Beast Wars, the Maximals thought they would get some R and R on Cybertron (Not to mention rid themselves of their prisioner, Megatron), but things are not as they expected; all the transformers have had their sparks removed, a race of mindless drones, known as the Vehicons, have dominated the planet, Rhinox and Silverbolt have gone M.I.A., and Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Blackarachnia have reverted to their original beast modes, can\'t transform, and are slowly dying, and they have no idea How The Hell It Happened! And somehow, Megatron is 90% responsible for it. Now the Maximals must form a connection with the Oracle, or Cybertron is doomed.

    It was a series that could have been better, and deserved at least three seasons. I saw the entire first season, but I missed a couple of episodes in \"Battle for the Spark.\" I saw the finale, which was decent (they ruined it with a contridiction; Waspinator was supposed to be on Earth). I did like the series because every episode filled in pieces to the puzzle, the two new Maximals, and Silverbolt comes back (sadly, Rhinox returns, but is tainted by Megatron, and decides to stay evil, then dies). I did not like the fact that the plot moved very slow, and the fact that they made Rattrap too comical, or (this really offends me) too useless. In Beast Wars, Rattrap was a demolitions expert, and except for the time he was playing a video game, He was always on task. When he finally manages to transform (for real), he does it at the most inconvienient time. Then he goes to HELP MEGATRON! But other than that, this was still better than the next few Transformers series.