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  • Sadly enough this show is and will always be unworthy of the Transformers saga if you look at it you will be gravely disappointed.

    What was really sad about beast machines was not only the characters and how their personalities were messed up but also there was botanica who never had a real function at all not to mention the nonsense about cybertron being a living breathing planet despite the fact that it never was at all.

    What was really sad was that many Beast Machines people never saw the original Transformers show had they done so they would have known that Beast Machines was a farce right down to its very entrappings.

    What was even more saddening was how easily it was for the characters to be destroyed, Optimus for one was a great leader and then Beast Machines happened and made him into someone who relied on the Oracle, second was Blackarachnia and here we see her and Silverbolt's relationship (which I never really cared for in the first place) turned around and she herself winds up well very two dimensional same with many of the other characters.

    It was a pity how the writers never commented or made any references to the idea that the Oracle of Cybertron could have and most likely had been corrupted didn\'t have to be a plot by Megatron either.

    I mean there were still the Quintessons not to mention the Tripred council, or someone else could have been corrupted the oracle and in turn corrupted the maximals but alas no it was not to be both because of Skir and Hasbro unfortunatly.

    The one good thing about Beast Machines was Thrust and it was even more disappointing that he turned out to be Waspinator.
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