Beast Machines

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • The Beast Wars continue on the planet of Cybertron.

    Compared to Beast Wars, this series wasn't exactly the best, but it kept the storyline going in a different way. By the time the last of the Maximals make it Cybertron, they find out that Megatron has found a way to take over Cybertron! Armed with a God complex and a virus to get rid of Cybertron's residents. The self-proclaimed evil genius even wants to be rid of his beast form and the rest of the organic life on Cybertron!

    The Maximals soon find that they can't transform out of their beast forms and into their robot forms. Optimus finds a way to communicate with the Oracle, a form of super computer with information on Cybertron, and reformat himself and the others so that they can stop Megatron's plan. The Maximals find a secret about Cybertron, it actually has an organic core! There is also a secret behind the disappearences of the other transformers, their sparks have been placed in the bodies of Megatron's Vehicon generals. Like I said before, it may not be as good as Beast Wars but I still like it!