Beast Machines

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Excellent on it's own, but a disappointment after Beast Wars.

    Beast Machines was the follow-on series of the highly successful Beast Wars, and it was a good show when taken into it's own context. However, as a sequel, it left a little to be desired. The show suffered from a number of problems, which fans will argue over for years, but most will agree that it was the writers
    unfamiliarity with what came before that hurt it the most. Knowledge of the characters is crucial for the success of any sequel, especially one that continues the adventures of previous introduced characters, and while the writers had done exellent work in other fields, their lack of knowledge of the characters ultimately hurt more than helped. It's unfortunate that Skir and Isenburg, who had done excellent work in other series, are reviled in the Transformers community, while Foreward and DiTillio are praised.