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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • if the original maximals and predacons of the planet cybertron look like they're ancestral beings, then they should have never even bothered to keep the "animal" part of them.

    needs fine tuning...needs alot of fine tuning...

    this show was nothing like i suspected when i first watched it back in 1999, i pretty much knew the story before it...well, the basis for it at the planet would turn on the maximal's safe return...something like that...but seriously...the semi-animal suits? really...i know the creators were probably trying to create transmetal 2 like "beast modes" like they did for cheetor in beast wars but dang, they looked really bad...especially cheetor's and rattrap's robot mode...

    in beast wars, cheetor went from a regular bot to a cheetah/bot to a transmetal cheetah/bot to a transmetal mutated version...come on!

    rattrap started out as a bot, became a rat and became a metal rat with wheels...

    they're new robot forms in this show were were just really bad...i'm sorry...
    they wanted to keep the fact that rattrap had wheels...but as LEGS!?!?!?
    cheetor was exposed as more of a cheetah than robot with his super speed
    optimus...lots of problems with optimus
    all the maximals had problems...

    and " i am transformed" to transform? wtf?

    i'm sorry but i have to side with megatron in this series...i was a supporter of the maximals in beast wars but here i'm a supporter of megatron and his vehicons...the vehicons at least they looked like the original transformers...why? because they were vehicles!!!

    not some f'up half animal...

    at the end of beast wars...optimus barely had a beast mode....he did have one and i know he used it quite a few times...but he was still mainly in vehicle mode

    even though megatron did have a "beast" mode at the beginning of the series...he was able to not look like one until he actually did transform back into the dragon

    anyways...sorry for the ranting...but yea...this show needed a lot of fine tuning...