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Beast Machines

Season 1 Episode 1

The Reformatting

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 18, 1999 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Reformatting
Optimus finds himself back on a deserted Cybertron, being chased by an army of mindless tanks. Locked in his original beastmode by a virus, and suffering from amnesia, his only option is to flee. One by one he encounters his old friends, and it becomes apparent that something is leading them... somewhere...moreless

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  • Fade in. We see a flower. In the background we see a familiar gorilla shaped figure. Then a wheel crushes the plant and we see the vehicon tank drone. these were the first seconds of The Reformatting. The smashing of the plant was symbolic for the theme omoreless

    this is where it starts...and what a start! I could watch the first eight minutes over and over again. (Actually I did) The first minutes were so captivating, and action from the very beginning, something i personally like. The animation was exquisite, a definite improvement from Beast Wars.

    A good start for an awesome show.
  • The second part of the Beast Wars begins with the Maximals awakening on Cybertron to find it overrun with Vehicons drones. Even more oddly, they cannot transform nor can they remember how they got to Cybertron. The controversial adventure begins.moreless

    Beast Machines kicks off good, although this deteriorates over the two seasons. Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor and Blackarachnia find themselves on Cybertron with no clue on how they got there. To make matters worse, they are in their original beast modes, cannot transform and are being chased around by Vehicon drones. Annoyingly, there are only seven Vehicons in the show and a billion drones. One would think the show's creators couldn't be bothered to make a new army of villains and just made designs that could be easily copied to make an army of mindless bozos. After spending the first half of the episode running around and falling through Cybertron's depths, the Maximals find the Oracle supercomputer who "predicted the first Transformers on Cybertron". However, Optimus describes the first Transformers of "coming" to Cybertron. This contradicts the G1 origins of Cybertron in which Primus/the Quintessons created the planet and Transformers. Obviously the writers didn't do their research.

    The Oracle reformats the Maximals into snazzy new beast modes but they are unable to transform again. Optimus realises the Maximals must actually learn to transform from scratch. The Maximals leg it when motorcycle drones race in to harass them, although monkey boy learns to transform and throws around the Vehicons before reverting back to beast mode. Megatron (the second one) watches from a dark room, monologing about how he hates the Maximals and vows to destroy them (he failed to do that in Beast Wars, only actually killing Tigerhawk).moreless

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