Beast Wars II

(ended 1999)


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  • Season 1
    • Lio Convoy Crisis
      Lio Convoy Crisis
      Episode 45

      This half hour special, revolves around a mysterious ship crash lands on Gaea. Inside, a powerful device called the Teleport Gate which is soon retrieved by Galvatron. Galvatron uses the gate to summon Majin-Zarak, a powerful space station which he uses against the Cybertons. During a battle Magnaboss activates the gate and summons Convoy to aid in their fight. When all seems lost, Comvoy and LIo Convoy unleash their full powers, and destroy Majin-Zarek. Before destroying the gate, the Cybertrons send Convoy back to his proper time and place.

    • Farewell! Lio Convoy
      Fatally wounded, Gigastorm apologizes to Galvatron for failing him before dying. Galvatron swears to get even and attacks the Green Warrior, causing him to spilt back into Lio Convoy and Lio Junior. Before they go to contniue their fight, Scuba appears and tells them he's rigged Nemesis to explode. Galavatron takes off and Lio Convoy and Junior chase after him to finish their fight. Elsewhere, Aretmis's control center starts falling appart from the energy exposure, while Dirgegun and Thrustol destroy the Seacons. Max B and Hellscream fight Santon and Skywarp, before killing them. In another part of Nemesis, Galvatron has grown gigantic due to exposure to Angolmois and continues his fight with Lio Convoy and Junior. They merge back into the Green Warrior, and start filling the place with good Angolmois to counter the evil. Nemesis begins to shake aprat, so Scuba decides to steal the Destron ship to rescue the other Cybertrons. Gigastorm reawakens after a jolt from Angolmois, and the Destrons hop on him to escape the destruction of Nemesis. After a fierce battle, Green Warrior has defeated Galvatron and has started sealing the Angolmois in capsules, to prevent it from fallling into the wrong hands. Galvatron still has a trick up his sleeve, and threatens to activate a self destruct in his spark. They continue their fight, when Galvatron seriously wounds the Cybertrons. As the Green Warrior, they manage to thrust theor sword into Galvatron which causes a huge explosion. Nemesis is destroyed, along with the Lio Conovy and the rest of his Cybertrons. The survivng Destrons float in space, arguing.moreless
    • Legend! The Green Warrior
      coming soon
    • Breaking into Nemesis
      coming soon
    • Vengeance of the Space Pirates
    • Assemble, 39 Warriors
      coming soon
    • Fly Out! Planet Gaea
      coming soon
    • Crisis of Planet Gaea
      coming soon
    • Emissary of the Fourth Planet
    • Lio Junior's Revolt!?
      coming soon
    • Knock Out Nemesis!
      Knock Out Nemesis!
      Episode 34
      coming soon
    • The Great Angolmois Freezing Operation
    • Lio Convoy Assassination Plan
    • The End of Starscream
      coming soon
    • Gigastorm's Treachery
      coming soon
    • Artificial Planet Nemesis
      coming soon
    • New Weapon: The Octo-Tank
      coming soon
    • Megastorm Reborn
      Megastorm Reborn
      Episode 27
      coming soon
    • Enter Lio Junior!
      Enter Lio Junior!
      Episode 26
      coming soon
    • The Last Battle
      The Last Battle
      Episode 25
      coming soon
    • To Face the Setting Sun
      coming soon
    • Showdown in the Sea
      coming soon
    • Megastorm's Reckoning
      coming soon
    • Scuba is Saved
      Scuba is Saved
      Episode 21
      Bighorn is going over how loust his love life has been when he finds a four leaf clover. He sees it as a sign of things changing, and turns it into a pendant, which he wears on his tail. Elsewhere, Scylla has written a love letter to Scuba, and as she delivers it, Artemis starts acting jealous. When Scylla arrives, Scuba runs off which hurts Scylla. Soon, Bighorn arrives and sees her crying just as Sea Phantom is dragging her back to the ship. Big Horn rushes in, thinking she needs to be saved, but as he approaches Scylla opens fire. Big Horn chases the Seacons back to their ship, but gets blasted by Scylla's plasma energy kiss. Big Horn gets blasted into the water, causinbg him to lose his pendant and becoming more depressed. The Cybertrons soon arrive, causing the Seacons to change in God Neptune. As they try to merge, Scylla runs off to be with Scuba. Scuba blasts her, so Scylla heads back and forms God Neptune but are soon driven away. By episode end, Scylla wants Scuba and Big Horn wants Scylla.moreless
    • Who is the Strongest Warrior!?
      In another clip show, Artemis and Moon decide to hold a teleconference to determine who is the best of the Transdormers. By the end, it comes down to Scuba versus Starscream, but when they discover the winner gets a date with Artemis, they both forfiet the match.
    • Space Pirate Seacons!
      The intergalactic band of space pirates, the Seacons, have landed on Gaea to seize contol of the Angolmois energy from the ocean. After they land, they begin pumping the energy, but unaware that the Cybertrons have detected them. Scuba and Diver head out to investigate, but are soon discovered by Scylla who then begins flirting with Scuba. They soon escape by using Scuba's ink as cover, which catches the attention of the Seacons leader, Halfshell. Nearby, Taz is fishing when Scuba and Diver return. He gets a bite on his line, and is surprised when he reels in Halfshell. Halfshell quickly attacks the Cybertrons, while Scuba and Diver are ordered by Lio Convoy to seize the Seacon's ship. The Cybertrons seem to have beaten halfshell, when he comes back for more and orders the other Seacons to join in. They quickly merge and form God Neptune, and starts attacking the Cybertrons. Soon, God Neptune discovers Scuba and Diver trying to take their ship, and takes off after them. Just as he catches up, the ship explodes, caused by Scuba and Diver. From the ocean floor, God Neptune vows to get revenge on the Cybertrons.moreless
    • Black Lio Convoy
      Black Lio Convoy
      Episode 18
      Investigating a ruined city, the Autorollers find a replication camera and decide to take it back with them. BB activates it, and soon there are two BB's which quickly begin fighting each other. After the fight, galvatron orders the duplicate destroyed and that the camera be put back where it came from. Tasmania Kid then finds the camera and takes it back to the Cyberton base. First Tasmania uses the camera on one of Divers book, then makes a duplicate of Lio Convoy which turns out to be evil. The two Convoys fight, with the evil winning and running off with the camera. The Cybertrons send out a probe to find him, who encounters Starscream and BB. The duplicate is ready to join the Destrons, until he spots the probe and attacks the Destrons before running off again. The probe finds the duplicate again, and he uses it to tell the Cybertrons to meet him. When they arrive, the duplicate Lio Convoy uses the camera to create duplicates of the Cybertrons and a fight breaks out. Diver arrives on the scene, and blasts the doubles as Lio Convoy gets the camera and destroys it, causing his duplicate to disappear.moreless
    • Who is the Leader!?
      The Destrons are still trying to figure out how to combine, and when they can't, Starscream come up with a plan. If they kidnap one of the Jointrons, they can prevent them from forming Tripledacus and also learn how to combine. At the Cybertrons base, the Jointrons are arguing over who leads them. Each come up with reasons why they should be leader, but still can't resolver the issue. They head out and discover a new Destron base being made, so they decide who does the best job at destroying, will become the new leader. They return to base to get a ship, but argue the whole way on who should fly. The other Cybertrons take the remaining ship to go after them before they can crash. Tasmania Kid manages to get on board, but soon the ship crash lands. After they crash, BB kidnaps Motorarm while Dirge and Thrust capture the others. As they make their escape, the remaining Cybertrons chase after them to get their teammates back. They rescue and after promising to never fight again, the Jointrons form Tripledacus and destroy the new base.moreless
    • A Terrible Combination Plan?
      Relizing the threat the Jointrons bring, Galvatron tries to figure a way for his Destrons to combine. When he can't figure it out, Starscream comes up with an idea. The Jointrons are out on patrol with Diver and Tasmania Kid when they are attacked by Starscream and BB. BB fires a missile, which hits Deiver and Tasmania and they get covered in yellow goo that prevents them from transforming. Next, the Jointrons get hit with the same stuff which prevents them from combining to Tripledacus. Moon has seen the whole thing and beams down to help, but his attempts to free them are useless. Before they can finish them off, Starscream and BB are attacked by a giant . They attempt to stop it, but the giant just shrugs off their attacks. The giant then frees the Cybertrons, and by this time the goo on the Jointrons has dried, so they combine into Tripledacus and together cause Starscream and BB to retreat.moreless
    • The Cheerful Jointrons
      The Jointrons decide they like the Cybertrons, and decide to move in. After decorating the place with Mexican stuff, Apache gets furious with them and goes berserk. The Jointrons accidentally set off a flare, revealing the bases location to Thrust and Dirge. The two surprise the Cybertrons with a sneak attack, and soon take over the ship. The Jointrons have destroyed the controls, so Diver is forced to fix them. While they wait, the Jointrons get Dirge and Thrust drink on oil and not long after, a fight breaks out. During the fight, the Cybertrons manage to get the best of the Destrons, and send them running away. In the end, the Jointrons continue with their party.moreless
    • Combined Giant Tripledacus
      A new and mysterious faction has arrived and sneak attacks Destrons and Cybertrons, making note of both sides abilities. They shock everyone by combining to form Tripledacus. They are the Jointrons.
    • Predacon General Offensive!
      The first half is an extended fight scene between the three factions, put together from previous episode fights. After the battle, the Cybertrons remember back on how they first encountered the Insectrons. Also reveals that the Insectrons are moving to another part of gaea, to start their own agendas.
    • Autorollers, Roll Out!
      The Autorollers have decided to become their own faction, but they need more muscle. Autostinger suggests the Insectrons should join them. Autostinger goes out and meets with Big Mos, and reminds he owes him a favor. In a flashback, it's revealed that before they arrived on Gaea, Stinger (Autostinger) could have killed Big Mos, but didn't and now owes him his life and loyalty. Big Mos reluctantly agrees, and both he and Tonbotto join the Autorollers. Together, they attack the Cybertrons and Lioconvoy was shocked, as he thought they were allies. The battle rages on until Big Mos's conscience takes over. He confronts Autostinger and the four of them (Big Mos, Autostinger, Autojetter and Tonbotto) fight it out in cave. The fight is interrupted when BB attacks the outside with missiles. all of them survive, and Big Mos's debt has been paid.moreless
    • Danger, Scissorboy!
      Starscream comes up with another plan, to use his last credibility with Insectrons to lure them into a trap. He sends them a gift of tainted oil as an apology. They drink it, and suddenly start fighting each other. Scissorboy and Mantis return, who were away with Tasmania Kid, try to stop them from fighting but it's futile. Megastorm congratulates Starscream on his plan, when Galvatron stumbles in with a hang over. Unknown to him, Galvatron opens one of the tainted oil and soon goes on a rampage, causing the Destrons to flee. Elsewhere, Scuba uses water to dunk the Insectrons, to help bring them to their senses. They recover just as Galvatron rushes in, and working together, quickly manage to dunk him in the water.moreless
    • Galvatron's Rage
      Galvatron's Rage
      Episode 10
      The Autorollers are tired of how they are being treated by the Destrons and leave during a meeting. They come up with a plan to destroy the Insectrons, who are getting closer to siding with the Cybertrons. With some of the Autorollers going after the Insectrons, the rest begin to set up an enegy pipeline. Scuba uncovers this plan, and soon infiltrates the base but then is discovered. At a pumping station, Starscream has BB deal with the Autorollers by opening up a valve before it's operational. By opening them too soon, it causes the pipes to begin to break and threaten to drown Scuba and the Autorollers. The breaking pipes awakens Galvatron who bites a pipeline and becomes powerful again. Elsewhere, Tasmania Kid is on his way to offer a peace offering to the Insectrons. He runs into Mantis who doesn't trust him, but Scissorboy vouches for him. They take him to their base and show him the disk they recieved from Starscream. Tasmania disputes the information on the disk, then decide to go see Lioconvoy. On their way, they are attacked by the Autorollers and capture Tasmania and Scissorboy. They are rescued by Powerhug, who causes an avalanche, sending them over a cliff and into a river. Back at the Destron base, the Autorollers and Scuba team up to escape and stop the pipes. By doing so, Galvatron collapses and passes out. In the end, Big Mos and Lioconvoy have formed a new alliance.moreless
    • The Strongest Tag Team
      It starts off as Drillnuts and Scissorboy emerge from underground and test a new Predacon Detector that Drillnuts invented. After avoiding a run in with Powerhug, the detector detects Tasmania Kid, Bighorn and Diver. A fight soon breaks out between Bighorn and Powerhug, Tasmania Kid and Scissorboy and Diver and Drillnuts. After the batle draws to a close, BB fires a spread of missiles at the group. Too tired to counter the attack, they all scatter. At the end, they come to realize that the Insectrons are not on the Cybertron's side.moreless
    • Insect Robot: Friend or Foe?
      Starscream comntinues with his plan to decieve the Insectrons into thinking the Cybertrons are evil by planting another disk for them to find. The Insectrons do find the disk, and learn more about the evils of Lioconvoy and his team. Big Mos then leads an assault against the Cybertrons, though reluctant to fight, they defend themselves against the attack. Eventualy, they manage to hold off their air assault, causing the Insectrons to retreat and grow suspicious of Starscream's data.moreless
    • The Insect Army Arrives
      Thrust, Dirge and Autorollers are destroying the forest when they are suddenly attacked. The insects easily defeat them and identify themselves as Big Mos and Tonbotto, members the Insectrons. After hearing about this new threat, the Cybertrons and Destrons go out to find them. Starscaream and BB set up a trap for them, and after accidentally trappng Dirge and Thrust, capture the Insectrons. After releasing them, they identify themselves as Destrons and proves themself by stopping Thrust and Dirge from attacking. Starscream gives them a disk and head back to thei leader mantis. The disk reveals that Lioconvoy and his team are evil. The Insectrons, while on patrol, attack Apache and Bighorn but hesitate when Lioconvoy and Tasmania Kid show up. BB, watching the fight, fires a missile which causes an avalanche. The Insectrons retreat, and wonder what side they really should be on.moreless
    • Mystery Of The Ancient Ruins
      On Gaea's moon, Artemis detects a strange energy source down below. On Gaea, the Cybertrons track the energy source to a massive stone structure. After sending in a probe, it is soon destroyed by a blur. Lioconvoy decides to investigate, and they draw straws to see who goes in. After winning, Apache remembers a time when Lioconvoy saved his life. After being attacked by Starscream and BB, they make their way inside the ruins. They investigate and Apach sets off a trap door, falling into a chamber where he's attacked by a pray mantis. Lioconvoy, after hearing Apache cry out, runs to his rescue but is soon struck down. Apache breaks free and attacks the pray mantis, blasting him away. Lioconvoy thanks him, but Apache doesn't remmber what happened. The ruins begin to cave in, when Lioconvoy is attacked again by the mantis. The mantis reveals himself as an Insectron and flies off. Once outside, Apache still has no memory of what he did in the ruins.moreless
    • The Revival of Galvatron
      Inside the Destron base, Galvatron awakens from his coma fully recovered. He goes out to fight the Cybertrons, and first fights in robot mode before changing to his drill tank mode. Scuba manages to stop him by using a watergeyser. Galvatron falls into a crevasse and the Cybertrons quickly bury him under rocks. When escaping, he taps into the Angorumoa energy in the volcano and accesses his third form, that of a dragon. He is overcome with power and stopped by a blast from Megastorm, falling into the lava. Nearby, Starscream has watched the whole thing but remains silent. Later, Galvatron makes it back to base, with no recollection of what happened.moreless
    • Lake Trap
      Lake Trap
      Episode 4
      Tasmania Kid is spying on the Autorolllers when he spots a real tasmanian devil. He gets the idea to immitate it and digs underground to plant explosives. He accidentally sets off a few and is soon captured. The Destrons toss him into a cell, but escapes by using his beast mode. Unaware, Starscream tracks his movements as the other Cybertrons arrive. The Cybertrons were soon captured by the same defense system, as Starscream decides to make Tasmania Kid to blackmail them to surrender. Scuba and Diver use the underwater base to free the captured Cybertrons and Tasmania Kid. Before escaping, they set off the self destruct and destroy the underwater base. Back at their own base, Lioconvoy yells at tasmania Kid for his foolish actions.moreless
    • Bighorn's Fury
      Bighorn's Fury
      Episode 3
      The destrons begin draining energy , while the Cybertrons patrol the jungle. Bighorn's temper quickly irritates the others, as they try to calm him down. Bighorn challenges every Destron, but most of them just ignore him. One Destron didn't ignore him, Megatorm, and the two fight with Bighorn coming out on top.moreless
    • Run, White Lion!
      Run, White Lion!
      Episode 2
      The Cybertrons follow the lion through the forest, right to their crashed ship. Once inside, they transform and so does the white lion. The Lioconvoy, alive and well. He tells them how he survived the crash, when a white lion saved his life by giving him an energy source to transform. Meanwhile, the Destrons are repairing their ship when they encounter a strange computer. Once activated, it creates two new forms causing Galvatron to fall into a coma. One of the new forms, Megastorm, takes command and create four new robots. These new forms are ordered to clear away for a new fortress, and start destroying the forest.moreless
    • The Birth of a New Army
      While on space patrol, Lioconvoy manages to save the life of Apache but at the cost of his own life. Later, the Cybertrons revieve a disatress call that the Destrons are attacking planet Gaea. However, when they reach the planet, the Destrons ambush them and they are forced to eascape in pods. After being seperated, they quickly reunite to attack the Destrons ship. When all looks bad, a white lion appears out of nowhere and destroys the ships defenses. After the Destrons ship crashes, the white lion leads the Cybertrons away.moreless
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